Before & After: Floor Lamp


I’m a fan of DIY projects and I’m game for anything that can get a nice facelift with paint. So, today I’m showing you a very quick update to this old brass lamp that was given to me for free! The owner was going to throw it away and I was not going to let that happen! Never!! I did like the gold color but it was a little too yellow for my taste and even though I would have loved to give it a nice worn brass finish, it just wouldn’t match the over all more modern theme of my bedroom. So I opted to spray paint this with Rust-oleum’s Metallic Finish. Continue reading “Before & After: Floor Lamp”

The Pace of Success


I recently came across an article on Bloomberg Businessweek on Arianna Huffington, the founder of the Huffington Post. (You can read the article here). She speaks about pushing herself to the limit and ending up getting 5 stitches around her eye because she fainted due to exhaustion.

Take a moment and look at your life. Are you pushing yourself too much? It’s okay to say NO sometimes to the things that drag you down and it’s okay to say YES to the things that bring you peace! Listen to what your body and your inner voice is telling you… Psst, “slow down”, “don’t take that call”, “go to sleep a little earlier”… If you find yourself struggling with this, just take a breather. Literally. Take a deep breath in and out. Then do what makes you happy.

I’ll give you a small example of how one simple action can lead to satisfying results. While working at my old desk job I was desperately attempting to finish a report that was due that same day. Suddenly my desk phone started ringing. My options were to; 1) take the call and potentially have a new task/situation on my hands or 2) not take the call, prioritize the report and reply to the call later.

I knew option #1 would have made me a little more stressed, frustrated and distracted. Hence, I opted for choice #2. I let the call go to voicemail and I was able to finish my report on time. I was then ready to attend to the missed call without having to worry about the report.

I have seen some people that are indeed taking on too much and therefore suffering because of it. Everyone works differently, you just have to adjust your life to whatever works out for you. Define what success is for you and then put it to action.

If you read the article I mentioned above, the last paragraph is my favorite. “If success continues to be defined as driving yourself to the ground and burning out, it will be disastrous for our families, our companies, and our world… If success doesn’t include your own health and happiness, then what is it?”

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What do you think? Are you struggling with the “pace of success” as seen on this article? Tell me about it! Comment below!

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Welcome to!

Hello beautiful people & welcome to!

On my first blog post I would like to tell you a bit about who I am, what this blog will contain and why it is coming to life.

My name is Zania. I’m 30, married and living in Miami, FL with my husband and my brother. I just resigned from my job in corporate America for two important reasons; 1) I was miserable and 2) I wanted to put my talents to work 24/7. After years of being numb at work I decided it was time to snap out of it and be true to myself and work towards achieving my dreams. I’m now working from home, building my brand, starting a business and starting to blog (amongst other things). I’m also in search for the highly sought after “flextime”. I figured this would come in handy for when I have kids in the future. Thankfully, I have my family and friends to support me while going through this risky part of my life. Could not be more thankful to have them in my life. {For more on my background click HERE}

Here at my goal is to share with you a few of my favorite things such as beautiful spaces, inspirational moments, pieces on women empowerment, curiosities and who knows what else could be posted! I’m in the process of learning about myself and figuring out how to move forward with all of the ideas that clutter my mind. I thought a blog provides a platform where my ideas could be made public while in the process maybe help or inspire others. I’m scared as heck but excited to find out what the future holds! I am fully aware that it won’t be easy, and it will take me some time to find my voice, but that only makes me want to work even more. Stay tuned if you want to join me on this journey!

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