Before & After: Floor Lamp


I’m a fan of DIY projects and I’m game for anything that can get a nice facelift with paint. So, today I’m showing you a very quick update to this old brass lamp that was given to me for free! The owner was going to throw it away and I was not going to let that happen! Never!! I did like the gold color but it was a little too yellow for my taste and even though I would have loved to give it a nice worn brass finish, it just wouldn’t match the over all more modern theme of my bedroom. So I opted to spray paint this with Rust-oleum’s Metallic Finish.

First, I removed the old lampshade and I’m keeping that stored because it might be useful for something else (you never know). Then I covered all exposed electrical parts and wires at the top and bottom of the lamp. After that was done, I was ready to spray paint that sucker. In a well ventilated area I sprayed the lamp with Rust-oleum Bright Coat Metallic Finish in Aluminum. I used the recommended back and forth spray painting directions on the can (make sure to read that). I let that dry for about 15 minutes and then I retouched any necessary areas. Since I’m extra cautious, I waited for an hour to install the Empire lampshade from the new Threshold line at Target. I heart Threshold!

Now I have a new, modern floor lamp for my bedroom. Thanks for reading!


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