Miss Ideas Webisode #2 “Recilando revistas viejas”

Miss Ideas Episode 2 SnapshotWebisode #2 of Miss Ideas is up on Yahoo!! Click on any of the images to view the video.

This idea was taken from a book that I’ve had since 2010 called Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book by Jason Thompson. This is a beautiful book filled with great ideas on how to use books to make art. I made two place mats for my kitchen table out of old magazines (like the one I made in the video) and surprisingly they’ve lasted 3 years! I’ve spilled water, milk, crumbs and maple syrup on them and they actually hold up pretty darn well. The best part is, that if you damage a section of the place mat, you can easily replace it by taking out the damaged rolls and placing new ones!!! It works just like the rug/carpet tiles!

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did making it.


El segundo Webisode de Miss Ideas ya este publicado en Yahoo! Puedes verlo si le haces click a cualquiera de las imagenes arriba.

La idea detrás de esta webisode vino de un libro que compré en el 2010. Se llama, Playing with Books: The Art of Upcycling, Deconstructing, and Reimagining the Book escrito por Jason Thompson. Este libro es verdaderamente impresionante. Te enseña como hacer arte con solo utilizar libros y/o páginas de revistas, música, etc. Yo hice 2 de estos mismo manteles individuales  que hago en el video y me han durado 3 años. ¿Increíble, no? He derramado agua, leche, migajas y hasta jarabe de arce y después de pasarle un trapito humedo, no se rompen asi de fácil! La mejor parte es que si se te daña una sección, facilmente puedes botar esa y reemplazarla por otros rollitos de papel! ¡Que conveniente!

Espero que disfruten el video!

Thank you for reading! ¡Gracias por leer mi blog!



The Women’s Success Summit VII: Shameless Self-Promotion

On Tuesday, May 21st and Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Miami Women’s Success Summit at The Light Box at Goldman Warehouse in Wynwood. I heard about the event through two very talented and hard-working women, Maria Elena Holguin from Holguin Interiors and Luly Balepogi from Luly B. They both spoke wonders about the event and about its founder, Michelle Villalobos, a skilled and successful business woman. Signing up was a no brainer!


Michelle Villalobos and Me!
Michelle Villalobos and Me!

The summit’s theme this year was Shameless Self-Promotion, something that I and many women struggle with. We tend to believe that promoting ourselves shamelessly is self-centered and can be interpreted as bragging. We get insecure and start to make up excuses for not being up-to-par with what we really want. Well, this summit trumped it all. In order to get business we have to stand up and lean in. We have to push ourselves and get out there. Let the world know who you are and scream it out loud. Don’t be ashamed! This is your life, your business, your money! Continue reading “The Women’s Success Summit VII: Shameless Self-Promotion”

Cómo usar una bufanda | Different Ways to Wear a Scarf


After several months of brainstorming, shoots and long days, Miss Ideas is finally up on Yahoo En Español!! This is the first of 12 episodes that will be featured on the Yahoo platform. I am so excited! This combines two of my passions, Video and DIY projects (to be seen later on)!!

I am very proud of the results and have to thank the wonderful producers from S PLUS A MEDIA Stephanie Fonticiella and Aymee Cruzalegui for bringing me in without hesitation as their “Miss Ideas”. I have to say that I am very pleased with their dedication to this beautifully done project.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. So without further edo I introduce to you Miss Ideas Episode #1″Cómo usar una bufanda”. Click on the image to view.

Cómo usar una bufanda | Different Ways to Wear a Scarf Episode #1 (5.22.2013)
Cómo usar una bufanda | Different Ways to Wear a Scarf

Después de varios meses de brainstorming, grabaciones y dias largos, “Miss Ideas” ya lanzó en Yahoo En Español. ¡Que emoción! Este es el primer episodio de 12 que se estarán publicando. Esto combina dos de mis cosas favoritas que son Video (TV/web) y mini proyectos para la casa que verán mas adelante. 

Estoy muy contenta con el producto final y quiero agradecer a las productoras maravillosas y talentosas de S PLUS A MEDIA, Stephanie Fonticiella y Aymee Cruzalegui que confiaron en mi desde un principio y me dejaron aportas mis ideas. Las felicito porque este proyecto les ha quedado precioso!

Y ahora, con mucho gusto y cariño les presento Miss Ideas (hagan click en la foto del video).

Thanks  for reading! ¡Gracias por leer mi post!

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5 Tips for Decorating Your Home


Have you taken a moment to look around your home? Does it make you feel, well, like YOU? In order for you to feel your best, I believe you should surround yourself with the things, colors and textures that make you feel like dancing every time you walk in the door!

I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped what I’m doing and I just stare at my apartment. I love my apartment! Every piece has been carefully placed, fluffed and shifted with lots of love and precision. I’ve felt like this place reciprocates my devotion and attention to detail by giving me peace and cozy comfort. You should feel the same way too! That’s why you should follow these 5 tips for decorating your home to get you started. Enjoy!

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Before & After: Foodie Art

B4&AfterFoodie Art

I have some friends that love to dine out and discover new flavors. When they asked me to redo their guest bedroom on a very tight budget, I thought it would be a great idea to bring some of their love for food into their space. For almost no money at all, I was able to make these one-of-a-kind art pieces that they can enjoy for a long time.

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Am I forgetting something?


About a year ago I started noticing that I was forgetting things more than usual. I would ask the same question to the same person and he/she would have to retell the same story all the while I’m thinking, “Uh, she HAD told me this before!” I even started reading a book and 30 pages in I realized that I had already read the book!

Then, the forgetfulness started kicking into full gear when I started to get really unhappy at my job. There was absolutely no interest on my behalf to stay current at my job. I didn’t feel challenged because I didn’t want to be challenged. I would come home from work, exercise, cook, have dinner, watch some TV, talk with my husband for a while, shower and go to bed only to do the same thing again the very next day. My mind just didn’t want to function by the time I got home. I was uninspired, tired and feeling blah. It was a series of articles, TV segments and conversations that enabled me to identify the problem which later brought me to the following conclusion; I wasn’t challenging my mind enough and consequently I was loosing it.

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Afternoon with David Stark at MOCA Miami

Hello amigos!!
This past Saturday May 4th 2013 I had the fabulous opportunity to be in the presence of the Art of the Party author and incredibly talented event planner Mr. David Stark! Thanks to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in North Miami, for which David designed their 15th anniversary event, David held a an intimate discussion with several of his fans and aspiring event planners. As an audience member I immediately felt comfortable around David. Bright, humble, mellow but casual and cool. What’s not to like about that?! He then proceeded to show us pictures of some of his events and the truly artistic and inspirational work that goes behind the scenes. It is a team of 33 and then about another 65 more freelancers that help make the vision a reality and David doesn’t hesitate for a moment to credit his team for all the hard work. In the end, his mission is to be able to accomplish the goal he set forth for the event while staying within budget and making all guests and patrons happy. Success!

David has been planning the Gala event for the Robin Hood Foundation in New York for 11 years now. He says, “When you’re doing an event for 4,200 people, sometimes it feels like you’re trying to put lipstick on a pig. (Laughs) I’m always up for a challenge.” And what a challenge! Here are some of the pictures from one of his Robin Hood events from previous book David Stark Design.

If you hadn’t heard of David Stark before and you have an interest in event planning and/or art, I highly recommend you purchase his books! They are filled with ideas, concepts and thought provoking eye candy.

I don’t remember exactly how I came across David Stark’s work but I do know it was either one of the following; 1) I saw his paper flowers at West Elm and then I bought his book David Stark Design or 2) vice versa, bought the book and then saw the flowers at West Elm. Either way, this was right around the time when I started planning my wedding back in the Spring of 2011. I immediately fell in love with the paper flowers and decided to somehow incorporate our version of the flowers for my wedding. My mom and my aunts ended up getting together one evening and started cranking out hundreds of paper flowers like the ones in this picture below. We ended up placing them on the plate settings.

So now you’ve seen some of his work and you surely you must be in awe! Isn’t it so beautiful and astonishingly creative? That’s how my crush with David Stark’s art started. Now, with his new book The Art of the Party coming out on May 7th we can all enjoy more of his amazing work. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thanks for reading!

What’s your take on David Stark and his work? Yay or ney? Comment below. Thank you! ¿Que piensas de David Stark y su trabajo artistico de eventos? ¿Te gusta o no? Puedes comentar abajo. ¡Gracias!

Donate your Formal Dresses


As you all know, Prom nights, Sweet 16’s and Quinceañeros end up becoming an essential part of every teenage girl’s life. Unfortunately, some girls and their parents don’t have the means to purchase a dress or accessories for these very special events. That’s where DonateMyDress.org comes into play. This organization collects formal dresses, jewelry, shoes, makeup and even perfume for girls in need of them. Isn’t that a great idea?

On April 5th 2013 I was able to donate over 20 formal dresses to the South Florida Chapter of Donatemydress.org. I got my friends and co-workers to participate and the response was absolutely fabulous! Nothing feels better than giving back to the community. Do you have anything you’d like to donate? A pair of shoes that are collecting dust? Maybe an old bridesmaid dress that you swore you’d wear again but obviously never will? That dress might actually make one girl’s Prom fantasy a reality!

Testimonials from DonateMyDress.org

The year of my high school prom, I was homeless and living in a car or sleeping outside on the street. I had nothing other than my (very few) school supplies and the clothes on my back, but I knew if I kept going to work and school, I would be OK. I just wanted a real prom and when I picked up the flier for the Princess Project at school, it made all the difference. Because of them I was able to have a real prom with a dress, accessories, and makeup! There’s no way I would have been able to do that before and I can’ t thank them enough for making my year a little more enjoyable.”
“I am finally getting back on my feet after a long battle with my health and subsequent unemployment due to health problems. It has been very important to me that my daughter not work while she’s in school so that she can focus on schoolwork to make the most of herself. I would not have been able to send her to prom if it wasn’t for you. You gave her literally everything she needed —a beautiful dress, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, and even a limo certificate!”

Look for the nearest Donatemydress.org chapter near you (here) and start donating! Prom season is upon us already and you’ve got to act fast!

Thanks for reading!


¿Have you donated your formal dresses to DonateMyDress.org or any another organization or person in your area? Please tell me about it! Comment below. 

¿Has tenido la oportunidad de donar tu traje formal a DonateMyDress.org o alguna otra organización o persona en tu área? ¡Cuéntame! Comenta abajo.

Quick Tips on Buying a Cruiser Bike

May is here!

Flowers have bloomed and the air is warmer (or muggier and hotter in Miami) just in time for me to take out my new Beach Cruiser Bike!! I’m very excited because the last time I owned a bike it must have been around 1997. Since I’m a huge FRIENDS tv show fan I’ve named my bike Princess Consuela Bananahammock! If you want to know what that refers to, click here. (Paul Rudd is in that video. I adore him).

A bike is a great way to get around. You can see so much more of your community and all the while you get a nice workout and the wind is always brushing against your skin. I absolutely love the feeling of it. It reminds me of the scene in The Sound of Music when all the children and Maria are riding their bikes along the beautiful scenery of Austria. Man, how I would love to bike through there!

Princess Consuela Bananahammock Bike

Buying a Cruiser?

Cruisers differ from mountain bikes or road bikes. They are really just for cruising around a boardwalk or carrying a cute little dog in the front basket or picking up some fresh fruit at your local farmer’s market. So cute! They are not meant to be used for off-road purposes or any racing. I bought my Huffy Cruiser bike at Walmart and it was very inexpensive. For a great selection of cruisers at low prices click here. Cruisers also come in various sizes so make sure you try them out at the store. Tip: You should always be able to keep your knee slightly bent when you pedal down.

I’m so excited to bike some more!

Thanks for reading!


When was the last time you rode a bike? Do you get the same feeling of freedom and joy? Tell me all about it! Comment below. 

¿Cuando fué la última vez que corriste bicicleta? ¡Es igual de placentero para ti que para mi? ¡Cuéntame! Comentarios abajo.