5 Tips for Decorating Your Home


Have you taken a moment to look around your home? Does it make you feel, well, like YOU? In order for you to feel your best, I believe you should surround yourself with the things, colors and textures that make you feel like dancing every time you walk in the door!

I don’t know how many times I’ve stopped what I’m doing and I just stare at my apartment. I love my apartment! Every piece has been carefully placed, fluffed and shifted with lots of love and precision. I’ve felt like this place reciprocates my devotion and attention to detail by giving me peace and cozy comfort. You should feel the same way too! That’s why you should follow these 5 tips for decorating your home to get you started. Enjoy!

1. Don’t binge shop – just don’t. See how you respond to a piece and if you fall in love with it, take a picture of it, write down where you saw it and how much it costs. If in a month you are still thinking of that piece, then it’s ok to purchase it as long as you can afford it.

2. Don’t copy/paste a page from a magazine or catalogue – it’s ok to take ideas and copy them but don’t take a whole page out of a catalogue just because it looks pretty. This is someone else’s idea of how life should be lived. Not yours.

3. Don’t do trends unless you are sure that you can live with it for a long time – You’ve seen the zig zag/chevron make a come back. Before upholstering your sofa with that fabric ask yourself, would I love this 5 years from now? or would I probably change the room again later?

4. Keep the big pieces in neutral colors – Add color with smaller, movable accent pieces like cushions, accessories, lamps and seasonal items. So much easier to change style, textures and colors this way.

5. Don’t feel like you need to finish right away – Little by little. Life changes and so do you. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself.

As a decorator, my home will always be a “work in progress” and I love that. It’s my blank canvas. Making a place feel like a home takes a lot of time and it is far more rewarding when you’ve given it so much attention. As you go through life, you change, you grow, you move on, you live and you learn. Those are the moments that will slowly help you find yourself and your style. As a response you will see the visual change in your home as well. Let me know if these tips worked for you!

Thanks for reading!

Signature_ZaniaWhat tips have worked for you? Leave a comment if you wish!

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  1. Thanks for the smart tips. I once bought a large sectional couch and upholstered it in print…got tired of it but had to keep it for years…too expensive to re-upholster. So your advice of keeping large furniture in neutral colors is….the best thing to do!!

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