Miss Ideas Webisode #6 – Luciendo bien en tus fotos


Hi! In this episode of Miss Ideas in Yahoo! En Español we show you how to pose for full body pictures as well as ‘selfies’. Follow these guidelines and you will achieve a great pose for your pictures. The best advice I can give you when taking pictures is to have fun and be natural! If you force a smile the camera will know! Let me know what you think! Have fun!

¡Hola! En este episodio de Miss Ideas en Yahoo! en Español vemos como posar correctamente para fotos de cuerpo entero y en las “selfie”. Sigue las sugerencias del video y veras que tomaras unas fotos buenisimas. El mejor consejo es que te diviertas y sonrías! Las sonrisas forzadas se ven a travéz del lente asi que asegurate de ser totalmente natural. !Espero que disfrutes el video!

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Letter to My Younger Self

Today I am happy to share with you a very special contribution that I made for another blog called “Now That I’m in My 30’s”. I called it “Letter to my Younger Self”. Hope you like it! There’s a bonus video too!

“Letter to My Younger Self”.

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Miss Ideas Webisode #5 – Tres formas de arreglar flores


This week’s Miss Ideas episode on Yahoo En Español teaches you how to make three different flower arrangements. One arrangement is tall, the other short and bunched up and the last consists of floating flowers. This was fun to make. For filming purposes we did not include the part where you should cut the flowers’ stems under running water. Also, you don’t have to follow the rules exactly as they appear on the screen. Those are meant to be guidelines. You can do whatever you want and get your own version of flower arrangements.

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En este episodio de Miss Ideas en Yahoo En Español aprenderán como hacer trés arreglos de flores sin pasar mucho trabajo. Un arreglo es alto, el otro corto y el último es con flores flotantes. Es muy lindo y moderno. Por razones de grabación, no incluimos la parte donde se deben de cortar los tallos de las flores debajo del agua. Tengan en cuenta que las instrucciones en la pantalla son guias y no necesariamente deben de seguirse al pie de la letra. Usenlo como quieran y seguramente terminarán con un arreglo muy bonito.

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Before & After: Covering Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

Before_Peacock_Wallpaper Before_Peacock_Wallpaper_2 Before_Peacock_Wallpaper_1

My apartment is made up of various DIY projects. Covering the dining room wall-to-wall mirror was no exception. The only thing that I liked about the mirror was that it reflected the light and greenery from the outdoors but that wasn’t enough of a reason to leave it up. I rent this apartment so obviously I couldn’t tear down the damn thing. Sooo, I covered it. How, you ask? With removable wallpaper. Genius! Continue reading “Before & After: Covering Wall-to-Wall Mirrors”

Miss Ideas Webisode #4 “Uñas Ombré”


This fourth episode of Miss Ideas shows you how to create the ombre effect on your nails. You can use two or three colors to create the effect from light to dark or vice versa. You can get creative with colors or do this effect on only one nail. Experiment and let me know how it goes! Click on the image above to view the video on Yahoo! Have fun!

El cuarto episodio de Miss Ideas te enseña como hacer el efecto ombre en tus uñas. Para crear el efecto de claro a oscuro o vice versa puedes utilizar dos o tres colores. Puedes hacerte esto en todas las uñas o tal vez una sola. ¡Que disfrutes el video! Para ver el video solo hazle click a la imagen de arriba.

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Father of the Bride

It’s Father Day this Sunday! Have you thought about what you want to give dad for his special day? Well, in my Mother’s Day post I included several suggestions that are also applicable for Dad. In case you missed it, click here for a reminder of what those were. I encourage you to write to your dad. It can be so rewarding for both of you! In fact, that is what I will do in the following paragraphs.

I am very fortunate to have a dad that loves his family unconditionally. He, as the provider of the family, surpassed all of our expectations. I didn’t know that back then but as I grow older I notice the hard work and dedication he put in for all of us. He’s a role model, a teacher and an inspiring father figure.

My dad loves to share his wisdom with anyone that will take it. To this day, I still don’t listen to all of it (oh well) but many people go to him for words of advice. It usually involves setting goals, time management, writing things down, thinking ahead, saving money and how to pack the most efficient cooler for the beach. Important stuff! I kinda just learned it all by conditioning. I get a high out of crossing things off of my “To Do” list! Wheww! Done!

My dad claims his least favorite movie is “Father of the Bride”. We know he secretly loooves Steve Martin and Martin Short in this movie but the reality of walking his daughter down the aisle seemed like the most terrifying thing in the world. I got married on November of 2011. We all thought my dad would be crying a river and quite possibly attempt some sort of stunt to stall the wedding. Well, as it turns out, he was the happiest man alive that day and so was I. Seeing him smiling from ear to ear was a joy. I’m so proud of him.

In short, to the man that introduced us to Michael Jordan, boating, hard work, catching lizards, congas, The Beatles and a mean air guitar, thank you for lifting us up and showing us how it’s done. Most of all, thank you for showing us your best version of yourself. I love you “papito liiiiindo”!

See? Just open your heart and the words will flow. Just like John Mayer says, “Say what you need to say” and just like my dad says, “Don’t leave things for tomorrow when you know you can do it today. That’s it. Just do it!”

Thanks for reading and Happy Father’s day!

Miss Ideas Webisode #3 – Buenas ideas para envolver regalos


This is the third episode for Miss Ideas on Yahoo En Español. Here I teach you how to wrap gifts in three different and unique ways! You can get so creative with this and you’ll definitely get some compliments! It doesn’t take much time and it’s pretty easy to do. Just watch and learn! If you have any other suggestions or comments, please let me know below! I would love to hear what ideas you have.

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Éste es el tercer episodio de Miss Ideas para Yahoo en Español. Aquí les enseño como envolver regalos de trés maneras diferentes. Es muy fácil y no toma mucho tiempo. Solo necesitas tu imaginación y ¡listo! Vean el video y dejenme saber si les gusta. Si tienes algun comentario o sugerencia, me encantaría escucharla! Escribelo abajo en la sección de comentarios.

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Miss Ideas #1 Trending Video on Yahoo en Español!


Very proud to announce that thanks to you the Miss Ideas scarves webisode is the #1 trending video on Yahoo En Español! We’re soaring over #2 Ways to Cure Irritated Colons and #3 The Steve Jobs of Sex Toys! LOL! Hey, whatever works! Go Miss Ideas! Click on the image below to view the videos.

Gracias a ustedes el “webisode” de bufandas de Miss Ideas es el video #1 en Yahoo en Español! Vamos por encima de #2 Jugos e infusiones para curar el colon irritado y #3 El Steve Jobs de jugetes sexuales! JAJAJA!! Oye, no importa que, estamos #1! Arriba Miss Ideas! Házle click a la imagen para ver los videos.

Miss_Ideas_Trending_on_YahooThank you for your amazing support! ¡Muchisimas gracias por su apoyo tan increible!


6 Things to Consider if You’re Planning on Getting Plastic Surgery

635490_phnst (Photo credit: Digi_shot)

I’ll tell you a little story… Back in 2004 a representative of the Miss Puerto Rico Petite Pageant asked me if I wanted to compete for that year. I shut it down immediately because it wasn’t something I was interested in. After they insisted, I took a meeting only to bolt out of there when they told me that they would have to plump up my boobies. I think I laughed out loud as I picked up my purse. Sorry boys! That just wasn’t going to happen. I was, and still am happy just like this, A cups and all.

That said, I understand that plastic surgery can be a touchy subject. I’m ok with plastic surgery only if it’s done for the right reasons. What do I mean by right reasons? Read on…

1. Make sure that whatever it is that you are planning on changing is something that you’ve thought about for a really long time. By long time, I mean years and years. With this, you will be able to differentiate impulse from reality. Suggestion: Use the age of 21 as a benchmark. If at the age of 21 you’re still thinking about breast augmentation then go ahead. If you’re doubting it, extend the benchmark to 25. If at 25 you’re still doubting it, then that’s a clear sign that you’re probably better off not doing it. My mom always said “When in doubt, say No”. I refer to that all the time and it works!

2. Make sure that  you are doing it for yourself. You should not, by any means, go under the knife because a boyfriend, a parent, or pageant is telling you to do so. This is your body NOT theirs.

3. Consider that some of these surgeries are serious. You may need general anesthesia, you are being cut open and your body needs a long time to recover. Oh, and you will be in pain or discomfort for a while. Think about it. Is it worth it?

4. Can you afford it? Big one. Don’t do it if you can’t afford it. Just don’t. You have to make sure your are financially secure first. What if you suffer some complications after surgery? An infection perhaps? You might need to cover that on your own.

5. Have you considered counseling for those drastic plastic surgery procedures that you are yet unsure of? Maybe there is an underlying issue that’s clouding your judgement.

6. Get an excellent plastic surgeon. Look for recommendations and talk to ex-patients. Make sure the doctor is fully qualified and once there ask as many questions as you can. Your doctor must be attentive and make you feel comfortable. If he/she says “Ain’t nobody got time for that” RUN.

Remember that all celebrities look amazing on the cover of magazines because they are AIRBRUSHED! ¡Asi cualquiera! I encourage you to first love yourself! You are beautiful & unique! Watch this short video “All Airbrushed Anyways” on how this is affecting what women think of themselves. The very best way to be happy and beautiful is to feel it! xoxo

Credit: MAKERS.com
Credit: MAKERS.com

This post is inspired by a recent article published on Endi.com (El Nuevo Día –  Local Puerto Rican newspaper) about our Miss World, Nadyalee Torres having undergone plastic surgery to improve her nose and breasts. While she looks great, I just hope she did it for herself and not for the pageant. Read article here (in Spanish).

Nadyalee Torres Miss Mundo Puerto Rico

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