Father of the Bride

It’s Father Day this Sunday! Have you thought about what you want to give dad for his special day? Well, in my Mother’s Day post I included several suggestions that are also applicable for Dad. In case you missed it, click here for a reminder of what those were. I encourage you to write to your dad. It can be so rewarding for both of you! In fact, that is what I will do in the following paragraphs.

I am very fortunate to have a dad that loves his family unconditionally. He, as the provider of the family, surpassed all of our expectations. I didn’t know that back then but as I grow older I notice the hard work and dedication he put in for all of us. He’s a role model, a teacher and an inspiring father figure.

My dad loves to share his wisdom with anyone that will take it. To this day, I still don’t listen to all of it (oh well) but many people go to him for words of advice. It usually involves setting goals, time management, writing things down, thinking ahead, saving money and how to pack the most efficient cooler for the beach. Important stuff! I kinda just learned it all by conditioning. I get a high out of crossing things off of my “To Do” list! Wheww! Done!

My dad claims his least favorite movie is “Father of the Bride”. We know he secretly loooves Steve Martin and Martin Short in this movie but the reality of walking his daughter down the aisle seemed like the most terrifying thing in the world. I got married on November of 2011. We all thought my dad would be crying a river and quite possibly attempt some sort of stunt to stall the wedding. Well, as it turns out, he was the happiest man alive that day and so was I. Seeing him smiling from ear to ear was a joy. I’m so proud of him.

In short, to the man that introduced us to Michael Jordan, boating, hard work, catching lizards, congas, The Beatles and a mean air guitar, thank you for lifting us up and showing us how it’s done. Most of all, thank you for showing us your best version of yourself. I love you “papito liiiiindo”!

See? Just open your heart and the words will flow. Just like John Mayer says, “Say what you need to say” and just like my dad says, “Don’t leave things for tomorrow when you know you can do it today. That’s it. Just do it!”

Thanks for reading and Happy Father’s day!

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