Before & After: Covering Wall-to-Wall Mirrors

Before_Peacock_Wallpaper Before_Peacock_Wallpaper_2 Before_Peacock_Wallpaper_1

My apartment is made up of various DIY projects. Covering the dining room wall-to-wall mirror was no exception. The only thing that I liked about the mirror was that it reflected the light and greenery from the outdoors but that wasn’t enough of a reason to leave it up. I rent this apartment so obviously I couldn’t tear down the damn thing. Sooo, I covered it. How, you ask? With removable wallpaper. Genius!

Peacock_wallpapaer_during_1 Peacock_wallpapaer_during_2 Peacock_wallpapaer_during_3

I found this stunning print on called Sarah LaVoie Peacock Wallpaper Tile. I wanted impact and boy did I get impact! You simply order, peel and stick to your surface. I have to admit that it took 3 people to put it up and it was a little more complicated than expected, but I absolutely love how it turned out. At first, I made sure I ordered enough wallpaper tiles and then I checked the alignment of the pattern. Once that was good to go we started sticking the tile to the wall. No adhesive or reactor needed. Just peel and stick! You can use a hardcover book to smooth out the lines and air pockets.

After_Peacock_Wallpaper After_Peacock_Wallpaper_2 After_Peacock_Wallpaper_1

This is one of my favorite Before & After DIY projects I’ve done. Do you like it? Have you used removable wallpaper before? Let me know! Comments below.

6 Replies to “Before & After: Covering Wall-to-Wall Mirrors”

  1. Looking for ideas to cover a dining room mirrored wall. I can understand the idea, it is a narrow room, but, I do not like the mirrored wall, looking for ideas, like zen ideas, water, pebbles, scenery, serenity

  2. I have the same problem with a condo I am moving into. I found some really great options for removable wallpaper and I think I am going to go with a rustic wood panel look. It reminds me of the ship lap they use on Fixer Upper!

  3. Hey there,

    Question for you – how was this to remove when you moved out or are you still living here? Just curious if it left any residue.


    1. Hi Brittani,
      Not living there anymore but I did take it down and there was absolutely no residue what-so-ever. It was easy to peel off and no wiping necessary.
      Z~ :-)

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