How do YOU Define Success?

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For some time now, I’ve been very intrigued by the Huffington Post’s Third Metric initiative to transform the definition of Success. Not so many years ago, success was defined as Money + Power = Success! After a recession that made us reflect our true needs for survival and truth, the definition of success has taken a turn and is not completely seen as the result of Money + Power anymore. We are slowly but steadily shifting the meaning of success. Would you agree? Take a look at the infographic below for example:

Credit: Third Metric Infographic
Credit: Third Metric Infographic

Isn’t it interesting? I bet you hear lots of people say that achieving happiness is their ultimate definition of success. However, don’t you think that attempting to reach happiness is somewhat unattainable if you can’t be happy NOW?! If you want happiness in life, then you have to live happy everyday. Look around you and notice the things that give you joy. That’s where you find happiness! I look around and see success in my loving husband, my cute apartment, my morning green tea, the nice breeze and the fact that I am alive. I believe I’m already successful but I must keep working at being successful, at being happy, to remain happy. Just remember, we can only use the present moment to change or improve our future. Now a question for you: How do YOU define success?

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