Rugelach Cookies

Hi everyone!

So we’re back with a tasty baked treat from The Baking Corner. These are Rugelach Cookies adapted from the Barefoot Contessa Parties by Ina Garten. Enjoy! Continue reading “Rugelach Cookies”

Be Right Back!

Hi everyone!

Just like you, I’m back home and relaxed after a nice vacation with my family. I went from 80˚F weather in Puerto Rico to 0˚F in the Northeast but it was lots of fun! We took morning walks on the beach and hit the slopes at Loon, Bretton Woods and Sunday River. There wasn’t much snow on the first day so that means it was mostly ice. I fell… hard… a lot! Ouch!! Freezing my @$$ off while going up the ski lifts is not my idea of fun but it was all forgotten when perfectly formed snowflakes started falling on us! I had no idea you could see them like that! I though you needed a microscope (and a very cold lab) to see them! I included a picture in the slide show below for you to see!

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Know Yourself Before Making Your New Year’s Resolutions

By now, every morning show, news outlet, blog and email blast has given you recommendations on how to make your new year’s resolutions last. I bet that they haven’t mentioned one very important thing…

In my opinion, the very first step in creating resolutions is to know yourself. Once you take a moment to analyze your mind, as well as your past actions, you’ll be able to properly and fittingly create attainable goals no matter what time of the year it is. Much easier said than done, huh? What you want to do is ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Now, be honest with yourself and then ask if it fits within your schedule, your personality, and your overall outlook on life. From there you’ll start to build upon your goal and hopefully end up with a solid plan. See my examples below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Continue reading “Know Yourself Before Making Your New Year’s Resolutions”

Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

FavoriteBlogPostsof2013_2How are you all doing? Did you have fun over the holidays? I know I did! To day I round up my favorite blog posts of 2013. It’s not only the content, but it’s also the reasoning behind the posts that matter.

  1. Welcome to ZaniMeli! (April 24th 2013, Post #1) – This was the first blog post. I obviously changed the name of the site, but this post was so meaningful to me. It signified new beginnings, a gigantic leap of faith, stepping into the unknown and committing to my creativity and business.Miss Ideas Logo
  2. Miss Ideas Yahoo Launch (May 22nd 2013, Post #12) – Working with Yahoo! and S+A Media was a great experience. This was the first video we launched on the site. So proud! You responded very well to most Miss Ideas videos. You can click HERE to view all episodes.
  3. Your Guide to Temporary Wallpaper (July 9th 2013, Post #26) – Compiling this list was so much fun! You loved it a lot too! Hence, I’m going to work on more posts like this in 2014.
  4. The “Before & After Series” has been pretty successful. Amongst my favorite are; Before & After: Distressed Turquoise Media Console (July 30th 2013, Post #32), Before & After: Red Stools With Black and White Zig Zag Cushions (September 12th 2013, Post #12), and Before & After: Ribbon Art (October 10th 2013, Post #52). I love getting my hands dirty and creating beauty out of old ragged pieces. These are examples of that.
  5. How do YOU Define Success? (August 6th 2013, Post #34) – I’m passionate about this topic. Writing this post was not just about sharing thoughts but also about digging deep and searching for your own version of success. The infographic is fantastic!
  6. Checking in on Week 19 (August 13th 2013, Post #36) – This is how I am able to record my personal quarterly successes, challenges and failures. This first check in was great! I just did my 2nd HERE. It’s always great to see where you stand in comparison with your plans/goals.The Baking Corner Colors
  7. Apple Streusel Muffins (October 17th 2013, Post #54) – The recipes we’ve received from the Baking Corner have been a huge success! You and I have loved seeing these delicious sweets on the blog. You can also check out the easy Chocolate Shortbred Logs.
  8. Before & After: Tr3s Top 20 Set Design (November 21st 2013, Post #64) – I put this B&A apart from the others because the transformation of this little room into a set was drastic. You must see it to believe it. I worked my @$$ off on this one!#ThankfulNovember
  9. #ThankfulNovember (November 26th 2013, Post #65) – The response to my daily Facebook and Twitter posts on #ThankfulNovember definitely caught your attention. This was a great way to take a moment to be thankful for the big and little things that make us happy. One person asked me if I was doing anything for December! That’s a great idea for next year! I’ll make something up!E-Decorating
  10. E-Decorating Services (December 5th 2013, Post #68) – I worked diligently to come up with a platform and pricing strategy that could generate me income through accessible design. This is how I make my money, baby! Let’s get you some big style for little money! I’m here to help you get started!

Those were my top 10 favorite posts. You know when you come across old entries that you wish you could have written better? I just went through that, but I’m not touching them. They are what they are and in retrospect they are lessons for the future. The moment I, you, start getting too critical you’ll end up not doing anything at all. You just have to let it be. That’s how creativity works. I’ve learned to let go in that sense and let me voice be heard. Overall, I’m a happy camper.

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