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Here are a few links that caught my attention during the past week. Everything from a quick Q&A with Sarah Jessica Parker in her home, an exciting Target partnership announcement and a hilarious 3 year old kid overnight sensation. These are not to be missed! I love them so much that I wanted to share them with you. Click away and enjoy! :-)

My favorite HGTV Design Star, Emily Henderson, has just been named Target’s Home Style Expert! So exciting! What a tremendous partnership!

73 questions and a quick tour of Sarah Jessica Parker’s townhouse in NYC. Cute!

My Guide to Temporary Wallpaper gets a ping back on! Read her post with wonderful insight HERE!

Complete strangers kiss for the very first time. Awkward? Sweet? Actors? Love at first… kiss? You be the judge… With over 60 million views, filmmaker Tatia Pilieva hits a home run.

Thanks to, here’s a cheat sheet of Scrimp vs Splurge on home renovations.

And now, here’s little 3 year old Mateo making his case for cupcakes AKA “Listen, Linda…”

You might have heard of the PAMM, Pérez Art Museum Miami, in the news recently… A local artist broke a $1 million vase from the Ai Weiwei display on purpose. He could reach up to 5 years in jail… Whan an !d!ot! On a lighter note, I visited that same museum this past weekend with my family and it was really beautiful. If you’re in Miami you should definitely pay a visit. The museum itself is so refreshing. I loved the vertical gardens (as seen in the picture below) and all of the curated art.
Hope you liked these links! I surely enjoyed them!

Thanks for reading!

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