Banana Mini Muffins

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Hope you had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! But now… It’s time for another recipe! Like every other recipe on this blog, I try to keep things easy and this one is no exception. Thanks to my friend Yanaice and her hubby for sharing this recipe with me some years ago. I’ve been baking it ever since! The recipe was originally intended to be a cake but I decided to turn it into mini muffins yielding to about 48. That said, you could do either. For this particular batch, I only made half of the portion that I mention below in the ingredients because I only had one banana to work with. Make sure those bananas are ripe! That’s very important! Hope you enjoy it! Continue reading “Banana Mini Muffins”

Scarves, Recycled Place Mats & Gift Wrapping Tutorials

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Exactly a year ago we launched Miss Ideas on Yahoo! It was a very fun project that included many DIY tutorials, beauty tips and much more. I am going to re-post them during the next several weeks so that you can get a refresher! If you haven’t seen these you can click on them below to view or you can go to this link here for all 22 episodes. Here is the scarves, recycled place mats and gift wrapping tutorials! Enjoy! Continue reading “Scarves, Recycled Place Mats & Gift Wrapping Tutorials”

How to Make an Envelope Pillow With Glue

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I have great news! This post right here marks’s 100th blog post!! Woo hoo!! And to celebrate, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite DIY projects EVER!!! This is how to make an envelope pillow with glue!

I love changing things around my house all the time and one small item in any home that can immediately alter its style are the decorative pillows. Would you agree? Using these pillows in your home is a very simple way to update a room or change it’s mood. However, some of these covers and pillows can be ridiculously expensive. Being a DIYer at heart, I wanted to take on this challenge. However, since I don’t know how to sew, I wanted to find a tutorial where I didn’t need to use any needles, threads or sewing machine. So… I set out on a mission. Finally, after some digging, I found this wonderful post on LiveLoveDIY that changed my life!  I knew there was a way to do this! Now I share this with you because it’s too good not to share!


  • Fabric
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape/ruler whatever you want to use
  • Liquid Stitch glue or Unique Stitch glue

Envelope_Pillow_1 Continue reading “How to Make an Envelope Pillow With Glue”