Shifting Gears

Hello 2015!

Well hello there! It’s been a very long while!! Lots to talk about and wonderful things to share.
This blog became a huge part of my life for about a year and a half and after starting a new job in June of 2014 I purposely stopped blogging. Why? My priorities shifted and blogging was not in the forefront. That leads me to this post’s topic…


Priorities and goals can change. Have you noticed that sometimes we insist on focusing our time and energy on following through with certain goals that no longer make us feel excited and happy? Instead they feel like an obligation. This can happen with small situations like making green smoothies on a daily basis, to more significant life-altering events such as a career change. The instant you feel that pressure weighing you down, then that’s the moment when you have to decide if continuing to pursue that goal is worth your time and energy. While your answers may vary, it is only you who can make that decision.

┬áThis blog was never meant for me to gain fame and money. If that happened, then great. If not, no worries. This is a form of expression for me and at the time when I started my new job I felt like I wanted to redirect my full focus towards my work and my family and not the blog. So I stopped blogging. Easy. I didn’t feel guilty and it felt right.


So think about it for a moment… We all lead very busy lives but for those of us who have a tendency to be “over achievers” or “go getters” or we give up our time to please others, it doesn’t mean that we should sacrifice our happiness for something that’s not making our lives more sacred and meaningful. Once you give yourself permission to weed out that unnecessary, self-inflicted pressure, then you start giving way to the greater things that life has to offer. (ie; time, love, rest, laughs, a life!)


I hope you enjoyed your holiday season and may 2015 be filled with lots of happy memories!


Life update: Hubby and I are in the grueling process of buying a house and there’s also a human forming in my uterus… Talk about shifting gears… More on that later.
Thanks for reading!

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