Linky Links | SJP, Target, First Kiss, Listen Linda & more…

Here are a few links that caught my attention during the past week. Everything from a quick Q&A with Sarah Jessica Parker in her home, an exciting Target partnership announcement and a hilarious 3 year old kid overnight sensation. These are not to be missed! I love them so much that I wanted to share them with you. Click away and enjoy! :-)

My favorite HGTV Design Star, Emily Henderson, has just been named Target’s Home Style Expert! So exciting! What a tremendous partnership!

73 questions and a quick tour of Sarah Jessica Parker’s townhouse in NYC. Cute!

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How One of My Songs Helped a Young Girl Heal

You’ve probably heard the saying “Music Heals”, right? Well, I want to share with you something that recently touched my heart. The next paragraphs will tell you how Naem, an inspiring 27-year-old girl from Medellín, Colombia found the courage to fight for her voice by using one of my songs, and in turn taught me a lesson or two. I can feel my throat tightening already…

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Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Monster Cookies

Hi everyone!

Have you tried oatmeal chocolate chip cookies before? If you haven’t, you are missing out! Store bought cookies are good but they don’t come close to the fresh-off-the-oven taste of the homemade version. When I came across this recipe in the December issue of Coastal Living magazine, I just had to make it! This yields about 18 large cookies, hence “monster” in the recipe name. I’m sure you’ll want to try it at home! Here it is peeps! Continue reading “Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Monster Cookies”

10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s not too late!

Valentine’s day might be a “Hallmark Holiday” but I think it is a great way to say I love you to those that matter most to you. Saying positive and feel-good things is never a bad idea. In case you haven’t planned anything yet, here are some last minute ideas that might help you out no matter what your relationship situation is. Oh and you know what? I also made a playlist on Spotify of lovy dovy songs to share with you! Check it out HERE! Continue reading “10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas”

Rugelach Cookies

Hi everyone!

So we’re back with a tasty baked treat from The Baking Corner. These are Rugelach Cookies adapted from the Barefoot Contessa Parties by Ina Garten. Enjoy! Continue reading “Rugelach Cookies”

Know Yourself Before Making Your New Year’s Resolutions

By now, every morning show, news outlet, blog and email blast has given you recommendations on how to make your new year’s resolutions last. I bet that they haven’t mentioned one very important thing…

In my opinion, the very first step in creating resolutions is to know yourself. Once you take a moment to analyze your mind, as well as your past actions, you’ll be able to properly and fittingly create attainable goals no matter what time of the year it is. Much easier said than done, huh? What you want to do is ask yourself what you want to accomplish. Now, be honest with yourself and then ask if it fits within your schedule, your personality, and your overall outlook on life. From there you’ll start to build upon your goal and hopefully end up with a solid plan. See my examples below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Continue reading “Know Yourself Before Making Your New Year’s Resolutions”

Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

FavoriteBlogPostsof2013_2How are you all doing? Did you have fun over the holidays? I know I did! To day I round up my favorite blog posts of 2013. It’s not only the content, but it’s also the reasoning behind the posts that matter.

  1. Welcome to ZaniMeli! (April 24th 2013, Post #1) – This was the first blog post. I obviously changed the name of the site, but this post was so meaningful to me. It signified new beginnings, a gigantic leap of faith, stepping into the unknown and committing to my creativity and business.Miss Ideas Logo
  2. Miss Ideas Yahoo Launch (May 22nd 2013, Post #12) – Working with Yahoo! and S+A Media was a great experience. This was the first video we launched on the site. So proud! You responded very well to most Miss Ideas videos. You can click HERE to view all episodes.
  3. Your Guide to Temporary Wallpaper (July 9th 2013, Post #26) – Compiling this list was so much fun! You loved it a lot too! Hence, I’m going to work on more posts like this in 2014.
  4. The “Before & After Series” has been pretty successful. Amongst my favorite are; Before & After: Distressed Turquoise Media Console (July 30th 2013, Post #32), Before & After: Red Stools With Black and White Zig Zag Cushions (September 12th 2013, Post #12), and Before & After: Ribbon Art (October 10th 2013, Post #52). I love getting my hands dirty and creating beauty out of old ragged pieces. These are examples of that.
  5. How do YOU Define Success? (August 6th 2013, Post #34) – I’m passionate about this topic. Writing this post was not just about sharing thoughts but also about digging deep and searching for your own version of success. The infographic is fantastic!
  6. Checking in on Week 19 (August 13th 2013, Post #36) – This is how I am able to record my personal quarterly successes, challenges and failures. This first check in was great! I just did my 2nd HERE. It’s always great to see where you stand in comparison with your plans/goals.The Baking Corner Colors
  7. Apple Streusel Muffins (October 17th 2013, Post #54) – The recipes we’ve received from the Baking Corner have been a huge success! You and I have loved seeing these delicious sweets on the blog. You can also check out the easy Chocolate Shortbred Logs.
  8. Before & After: Tr3s Top 20 Set Design (November 21st 2013, Post #64) – I put this B&A apart from the others because the transformation of this little room into a set was drastic. You must see it to believe it. I worked my @$$ off on this one!#ThankfulNovember
  9. #ThankfulNovember (November 26th 2013, Post #65) – The response to my daily Facebook and Twitter posts on #ThankfulNovember definitely caught your attention. This was a great way to take a moment to be thankful for the big and little things that make us happy. One person asked me if I was doing anything for December! That’s a great idea for next year! I’ll make something up!E-Decorating
  10. E-Decorating Services (December 5th 2013, Post #68) – I worked diligently to come up with a platform and pricing strategy that could generate me income through accessible design. This is how I make my money, baby! Let’s get you some big style for little money! I’m here to help you get started!

Those were my top 10 favorite posts. You know when you come across old entries that you wish you could have written better? I just went through that, but I’m not touching them. They are what they are and in retrospect they are lessons for the future. The moment I, you, start getting too critical you’ll end up not doing anything at all. You just have to let it be. That’s how creativity works. I’ve learned to let go in that sense and let me voice be heard. Overall, I’m a happy camper.

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Happy 2014!


2013 has been a year filled with tough yet necessary changes, mixed emotions and lots of love. I’ve seized the days, grabbed life by the horns and danced to my own tunes. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Regardless of what the future holds, feel blessed to be where you are. You are alive and breathing. I’m blessed to have the support and love of my husband and my family. I couldn’t have survived 2013 without their unconditional love.

To you, thank you for reading this blog. I love to share the things you see on these posts and I’m so lucky to have you as part of my journey. I feel like you are my army of support. Now, let’s welcome 2014 with a pop! of bubbly, that is! I wish you a spectacular 2014! Make it a good one!

Lots of love and joy!Signature_Zania

Merry Christmas 2013

Merry_Christmas_2013Hi everyone!

When I was young, my belief in Santa was very real but conflicted. I would urge my parents to leave the Christmas Eve festivities early so that Santa would have time to drop by our home before the sun rose. As soon as we got home I would go to bed like a good little girl but have a hard time falling asleep. I just couldn’t control the excitement!!! What would he leave under our tree?!?! As I attempted to fall asleep I would also try to figure out how odd it was to have a stranger come into our house in the middle of the night, park his reindeer on our roof, eat our cookies, drop off some gifts and then leave. Why? What’s in it for him? I mean, “He sees you when you’re sleeping… He knows when you’re awake…” Stalker. That just creeped the heck out of me! Hence, I never even thought about leaving my room to see if I could take a peek at Santa. I’d much rather wait for him to magically zip in and out through our front door’s key hole (we lived in the Caribbean people… no chimneys…) uninterrupted. Wheww…

Needless to say, the Three Wise Men were even creepier! They wouldn’t stay in the living room, they would dare to go into our rooms! I mean, did they all split up and go into each of our rooms? Or did all three come into each room? Did the camels come in with them? Did they all smell like camel? You can bet every last penny that my eyes would stay completely shut throughout the night afraid that if they were to open I would risk not getting gifts or seeing a group of old men with glittered robes and crowns placing clothes under my bed. Uhmmm…

For all that it’s worth, I was always nervous and excited but never terrified. It was magic. Kids get to experience wonder and joy beyond their wildest dreams. I would love to experience that again. Wouldn’t you? My guess is that it will all come back to life the day I have my own children. I’ll see it through their imagination and their innocence. Awww… :-p

I wish you lots of joy and fond memories on this very special Christmas Eve and day! Thank you for reading this post! Now go have some fun! You deserve it! Here’s a video of my office Christmas Party. Enjoy!






Checking In On Week 36

Hi amiguitos and amiguitas!

It’s time to check in on my quest for life’s purpose. Maybe you can relate? The last time I checked in was on August 13th 2013, and you can read that post HERE. Some things have changed: ones have gone better, while others not so much. It’s to be expected. I still have my “freak my freak” moments here and there about work, life and money…but it comes with the territory. Every one of my friends (and my mom) has said, “Better make those big changes before you have any kids, because once they’re in the picture, those decisions become much harder.” Noted. Check.

Here’s a list of the good and the bad since I last checked in. No sugar coating!

  • I’ve only been called for 3 auditions after I booked that commercial. I was actually flown to NYC for one of those auditions, but in the end I didn’t get it. No need to feel sorry for me. I learned from the experience and moved on.
  • I’m still writing on this blog, which I’ve discovered I love to do so much. Now I’m looking into monetizing the blog, while finding more opportunities for growth and development within the content, the design and my skill set. I also surpassed the 50 blog post mark! This is post #73!
  • We shot the second season of Miss Ideas for Yahoo! En Español, but haven’t been renewed for another season. Aww!! I really, really enjoy doing this, and if they don’t renew us at all, I will make my own DIY videos for you.
  • My new music video was recorded and now I’m just waiting for the final copy! Yay!
  • I started my business as an interior decorator: Interiors by Zania.
  • Part of my Services include E-Decorating! Go check out my Services Page above for packages and pricing! Affordable, professional design via the Internet! Can’t beat that!
  • I still need more clients to make a steady living doing what I love!! I’m working on that strategy as we speak.
  • One of my first projects was creating and developing the set design of Tr3s Top 20. See the Before & After HERE.
  • I helped a friend plan a Christmas Bazaar (which I had never done before), and it ended up being fun (plus I made some extra cash!).
  • Attended 3 women’s events where I networked a lot!! They were: “Yo Soy Poderosa”, “Hispana Leadership Summit” and “Women’s Success Summit“. So many fellow female entrepreneurs supporting each other! Love it!
  • Since it’s the Holiday season, I’ve had the best ever “Coquito” selling season yet. I finally figured out the exact recipe. Watch this fun and short video on my coquito process (sans some ingredients, because I don’t want to give the secret away!)  Just in case you didn’t know, “Coquito” is a traditional holiday drink from Puerto Rico.

I have to admit that I’ve had fleeting thoughts about giving up and going back to work in corporate America…but then I laugh at myself and say “that’s not even an option”! So far, my spirits are higher and my energy is brighter. I wake up so energized! (Can you say “annoying morning person”?) That part of me was non-existent before. I was a little robot with a strict schedule. Now I’m an alert human with a conscious routine that I love. I wake up earlier, work out more often, work with passion, eat healthier and rest better. Mega lifestyle change. Totally worth it.

I leave you with this quote from one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert:

Creativity and fear
Credit: Elizabeth Gilbert Facebook Page

Have you checked in with yourself lately? How are you doing? What’s your path in life? Tell me. I’m here to listen and support. Hope you have a lovely day! Don’t forget to follow me on instagram for lots of fun pics!