Voice Services

:: Voice Over Services ::

  • TV/Radio Commercials, Tags, Drops, PSA, Infomercials
  • Educational Content, Narrations, Audiobooks, Documentaries
  • Business, Explainer Videos,  Phone Systems, Trainings
  • “Live” Presentations, Intros, Promotional Content
  • Online content for just about any type of media
  • and so much more!

:: Voice Over Styles ::

  • English Language ::  Neutral North American, French Accent, British Accent
  • Spanish Language :: Neutral Latin American, Puerto Rican
  • Styles :: Energetic, Sweet, Soothing, Confident, Relatable, Friendly, Empathetic, Sexy, Maternal, Young, Informative, Narrative, Serious and more!
  • Tone :: Female Teen, Young Adult, Middle Aged

:: Singing Services ::

  • Studio :: Jingles, Song Demos, Back up & Lead Vocals, Reference Tracks, Character’s Singing voice, TV Series Theme songs
  • Live :: National Anthems (USA, PR), Dedicatory songs for special occasions, Backup Vocals.


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