Mama’s Independence Day

You know that famous speech from President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) on the movie “Independence Day” right? It ends with a captivating and emotional, “Today we celebrate our Independence day!” Well, that’s how I feel and I bet it’s how all moms feel when we got some alone time. You with me? Today I declare this Mama’s Independence Day! Oh yeah!

After a partially disappointing first Mother’s Day, where a waiter was an @$$%^7, our food was a joke, my hubs spilled a glass of water on me while I was attempting to contain what felt like Phoebe’s puppy from “Friends” and the other patrons were looking at us as if we were evil minions, I stand by the movement to make Mother’s day a day OFF for moms all over. We ended up having a good time the rest of the day, but we need our me-time every once in a while and that’s why I’m off for three days this weekend. Woo Hoo!

It was so strange packing for this weekend! You amazing mamas know what I’m talking about… For the past year I’ve been packing diapers, bottles, onesies, noisy toys, monitors, bibs, itty bitty spoons, and occasionally forgetting some of them in which you then have to improvise (moms are improv masters, btw). This time around, there was none of that! Only bathing suits, pjs, and other beach clothes. That’s it! When I walked out of my house with only one bag in hand I felt like the chains were broken. Happy dance.

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Girls, Celebrate your Independence

In two days we celebrate our Independence day. As we approach this day I usually picture a hamburger on the BBQ, Adirondack chairs, fireworks and kids chasing each other with water balloons. But today I think, we are lucky to live here. The land of the free. I recently saw the CNN Film “Girl Rising” where nine girls from developing countries share their stories of survival, education and hope. The film was a reminder that we should be grateful for our liberties and our education.

“Educating a girl is one of the highest returns on investment in the developing world.”

Here in the USA, it doesn’t matter which political party you are affiliated with or which religion you follow, you have that choice. Despite the flaws in our education system, we are offered free education no matter your gender, race or culture. Despite the flaws of our government, we should be thankful for democracy. Despite disagreements and political outcomes, we have a voice. We have laws that protect us and people that enforce it. For the most part, we feel safe. Of course there is always an exception but we should be mindful of the fact that in some developing countries girls are deprived of an education and some are even killed for voicing their opinions. WE ARE LUCKY. Women should be educated and empowered because in doing so they have the ability to change everything.

I wake up everyday knowing that my dreams are alive and free in this country. We should celebrate this country’s independence day as our own. Happy Independence Day gals!

“Educating a girl is one of the highest returns on investment in the developing world. 66 million girls are not in school… When a girl is educated she can change her life, her family’s life, her community, her country, our lives”

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