’s 1 Year Anniversary!

Ladies and gentlemen I am proud to say that a year ago today I posted my first blog post on! Isn’t that crazy? Time really does fly when you’re having fun! I began to blog with the intent of keeping myself accountable and on a schedule while exploring the different career possibilities out there. While doing just that, I found this blog to be an incredibly gratifying form of self-expression.

And boy, what a difference a year makes! When I embarked on this personal journey of rediscovery last year, I was very scared. I wish I’d had a clear answer as to what I should be doing and where and how, but of course, life is not like that. It took a lot of inner work and retraining of my brain to depart from old habits and thoughts to create new ones. Fast forward to now, I’m overjoyed with my personal transformation. I am now open to any and all opportunities that may come my way (and they have) and I’m not afraid of failing or taking risks. Most importantly, I refuse to live a life of confused misery. Now I live to be joyful and purposeful.

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Merry Christmas 2013

Merry_Christmas_2013Hi everyone!

When I was young, my belief in Santa was very real but conflicted. I would urge my parents to leave the Christmas Eve festivities early so that Santa would have time to drop by our home before the sun rose. As soon as we got home I would go to bed like a good little girl but have a hard time falling asleep. I just couldn’t control the excitement!!! What would he leave under our tree?!?! As I attempted to fall asleep I would also try to figure out how odd it was to have a stranger come into our house in the middle of the night, park his reindeer on our roof, eat our cookies, drop off some gifts and then leave. Why? What’s in it for him? I mean, “He sees you when you’re sleeping… He knows when you’re awake…” Stalker. That just creeped the heck out of me! Hence, I never even thought about leaving my room to see if I could take a peek at Santa. I’d much rather wait for him to magically zip in and out through our front door’s key hole (we lived in the Caribbean people… no chimneys…) uninterrupted. Wheww…

Needless to say, the Three Wise Men were even creepier! They wouldn’t stay in the living room, they would dare to go into our rooms! I mean, did they all split up and go into each of our rooms? Or did all three come into each room? Did the camels come in with them? Did they all smell like camel? You can bet every last penny that my eyes would stay completely shut throughout the night afraid that if they were to open I would risk not getting gifts or seeing a group of old men with glittered robes and crowns placing clothes under my bed. Uhmmm…

For all that it’s worth, I was always nervous and excited but never terrified. It was magic. Kids get to experience wonder and joy beyond their wildest dreams. I would love to experience that again. Wouldn’t you? My guess is that it will all come back to life the day I have my own children. I’ll see it through their imagination and their innocence. Awww… :-p

I wish you lots of joy and fond memories on this very special Christmas Eve and day! Thank you for reading this post! Now go have some fun! You deserve it! Here’s a video of my office Christmas Party. Enjoy!






How do YOU Define Success?

Hello beautiful readers!
For some time now, I’ve been very intrigued by the Huffington Post’s Third Metric initiative to transform the definition of Success. Not so many years ago, success was defined as Money + Power = Success! After a recession that made us reflect our true needs for survival and truth, the definition of success has taken a turn and is not completely seen as the result of Money + Power anymore. We are slowly but steadily shifting the meaning of success. Would you agree? Take a look at the infographic below for example:

Credit: Third Metric Infographic
Credit: Third Metric Infographic

Isn’t it interesting? I bet you hear lots of people say that achieving happiness is their ultimate definition of success. However, don’t you think that attempting to reach happiness is somewhat unattainable if you can’t be happy NOW?! If you want happiness in life, then you have to live happy everyday. Look around you and notice the things that give you joy. That’s where you find happiness! I look around and see success in my loving husband, my cute apartment, my morning green tea, the nice breeze and the fact that I am alive. I believe I’m already successful but I must keep working at being successful, at being happy, to remain happy. Just remember, we can only use the present moment to change or improve our future. Now a question for you: How do YOU define success?

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Hope you enjoyed this post. I certainly love digging deep into these life conundrums.

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