The Voice

I strongly believe in following your intuition. This year, for some reason, my intuition told me that I should audition for The Voice. After 10 seasons of being on the air, and even more years of me going on these crazy auditions, now was the time for me to try this out. Why now?

I know myself well enough now to understand that I don’t need to answer the question Why. The answer to that question will reveal itself if I identify, listen and act on my inner voice’s calling. When your inner voice speaks you must listen!

Stressing about your soul’s calling will ultimately push it away and give you more stress. That’s why we have to act! Luckily I was able to identify it on time and I acted. I knew something good would come out of this no matter the outcome.

I picked my audition city and song and here I am. As I write this I am sitting on a park bench at Centennial Park in Atlanta, Georgia. My audition is tomorrow at 11 AM only two blocks from where I stand now, and two blocks from my hotel. Continue reading “The Voice”

Behind the Scenes “No te necesito” Video Shoot Part 1


Hope you had a lovely long Labor day weekend! I know I did!

So, I recorded a music video! Woo hoo! This music video is for “No te necesito” an existing song in my “Dulce” EP on iTunes. (Yes! I do have an EP out it’s only $4.99 and you can find it HERE!) I released this album back in 2010. Since then, I haven’t done another EP or written a full song so I thought it was time to get back at it. This time it was all about having fun and not about what others thought was best for me. That said, I set out to get some “help me help you” favors and with a very limited budget got a music video. Anything is possible if you just ask for it. Here are some pictures to get you excited about the release!



Here’s how I did it:

  • A friend from my previous job had been wanting to get back into his Mr. Director role and said he would record and edit the music video for free. He would then promote me on his site and vice versa. Sounded good to me!
  • A friend of Mr. Director offered a location for free with a bar and an area to set up a mini stage. Perfect! No permits, no fees. We were even able to set up days before!
  • Since I love decoration and DIY, guess who became the set designer? Moi! I looked for an inexpensive way to make a big impact since I knew that the set needed A LOT of love. I will show you what I did and how I did it on the B&A series soon.
  • I got some friends to be actors and audience members, paid them with refreshments, Cuban and Puerto Rican “pastelitos”, beer, some stand-up comedy with friends and a free download of my album. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  • The 50% OFF clearance rack at Forever 21 provided my dress & belt. My super fashionable friend, Gaby, let me borrow a very cool necklace from her online store Alma Mei . The exact necklace is HERE. (Check them out! They have some beautiful items on their online store and the prices are super reasonable. As a plus, they also share their proceeds with different charities. So cool!) The shoes are Cole Haan.
  • Hair and makeup was done by the same talented gal, Eli, who does my makeup for Yahoo’s Miss Ideas episodes. You can follow her YouTube channel HERE. If you live in the Miami area you can hire her to do your makeup for any special event! She’s great!



I will be announcing the release date of the music video through here and all my social media sites. You can connect with me at any time through the blog or find the link to my Instagram and Twitter on the column to the right.

If you want to see a previous music video I did for the movie SIN ELLA you can click HERE.

Thanks for reading & have a beautiful day!