Does your project need a captivating voice?

Look no further! You’ve landed in the right place. Zania is a professional voice over artist and singer with 15+ years of experience. With her ability to embody the vision of any project, Zania can take your media or project needs to the next level!

Commercial English Demo

Commercial Spanish Demo

Spanglish Demo


Voice Services

:: Voice Over Services ::

  • TV/Radio Commercials, Tags, Drops, PSA, Infomercials
  • Educational Content, Narrations, Audiobooks, Documentaries
  • Business, Explainer Videos,  Phone Systems, Trainings
  • “Live” Presentations, Intros, Promotional Content
  • Online content for just about any type of media
  • and so much more!

:: Voice Over Styles ::

  • English Language ::  Neutral North American, French Accent, British Accent
  • Spanish Language :: Neutral Latin American, Puerto Rican
  • Styles :: Energetic, Sweet, Soothing, Confident, Relatable, Friendly, Empathetic, Sexy, Maternal, Young, Informative, Narrative, Serious and more!
  • Tone :: Female Teen, Young Adult, Middle Aged

:: Singing Services ::

  • Studio :: Jingles, Song Demos, Back up & Lead Vocals, Reference Tracks, Character’s Singing voice, TV Series Theme songs
  • Live :: National Anthems (USA, PR), Dedicatory songs for special occasions, Backup Vocals.


Why Zania?

Zania truly listens to clients. She understands that a successful partnership is one where all parts are aligned with the overall vision. Every voice over, every song, every gig is important and serves a purpose. It matters.

With 15+ years of experience behind the microphone, Zania guarantees quality and a quick turnaround. She has an at-home studio where she can produce VO work but is also available to travel within South Florida.

She started her career in Puerto Rico as a young singer and has 13 years of classical voice training under her belt. Voice overs naturally fell on her lap shortly thereafter.

When she’s not recording,  she’s either reading business articles online or yelling “Don’t jump on the couch!” at her VERY energetic toddler, Alfie. As a work-from-home mom married to a baseball scout, she is super busy and constantly juggling between work and life.

“I love what I do and want nothing short of excellence for my clients. That’s why I deliver on time and on point and clients keep coming back! I’m also a mom, wife and believer of love & kindness. Life is good! Let’s make some noise together!” – Zania

Zania is easy to work with, reliable, responsive, on time, professional, current, adaptable, and real. You’ll be happy you chose Zania.




“Zania is incredible! She takes the time to understand your brand, the tone you’re looking for, and most importantly for me – the emotion you’re expecting from your audience – and DELIVERS! Her work is impeccable and powerful!”

–Luly Balepogi, Author, Speaker, Business Coach at Luly B. Inc.

“Zania is a very talented voice artist with an extremely sound business sense. She takes great pride in her work and is a terrific team asset. I could not recommend her more highly.”

–Brian Dooner, CEO Colibro Publishing & Media

“Working with Zania was pure bliss! She is talented, energetic, and very professional. She understood what I wanted and delivered an intro and outro podcast jingle that truly represents my brand! From the first email the communication was great and the whole project was delivered in a timely manner. I can’t wait to work with her again on my upcoming projects. Zania, thank you for being so fantastic! :)”

–Carolina Guzik, Founder, The Tog Republic


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