The short and sweet (voice over) version:

I started as a young singer in Puerto Rico at approximately the age of 12. Did a few shows, sang a lot of national anthems here and there and recorded several radio jingles.  In time, I auditioned for several national and local TV singing competitions and landed a spot in Puerto Rico’s Objetivo Fama (Season 1) in 2004.  After that show, I landed two separate hosting gigs for Univision Networks for two televised series (Famamanía & Sábado Familiar). That automatically got me doing voice overs for TV and Radio for Univision and several other clients.

After my contracts were up, I moved to Miami to pursue a singing career while I worked full-time at MTV Networks Latin America in the post-production department. It was there where, little by little, the voice spread that I had done VOs before. Shortly thereafter,  I ended up doing VOs for Nickelodeon Latin America and MTV Latin America. I loved it!

It wasn’t until after I left MTV that I decided to seriously dive into VOs. So far it’s been a thrill and I’m loving every moment. That was short, right?


Slightly longer, but wildly entertaining, version:

I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. My younger years were full of bike rides, boat trips to the beautiful Caribbean beaches, impromptu singing concerts for my stuffed animals and plenty of studying. I dreamt of the day Ricky Martin would pick me out of a massive crowd of screaming fans and hand over the microphone only to just be blown away by my pipes. Lol! Well, that didn’t happen.

Betting on my singing ability I auditioned for American Idol in 2002 (made it to the Hollywood round) and then I made it onto the local Puerto Rican equivalent called “Objetivo Fama”. While the instant fame was a great boost to my ego, it didn’t quite feel right, so I decided to go back to college and finish my studies in music and business management at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Once I graduated, I moved to hot Miami to give my music career another shot. I worked in the technology department at Viacom International Media Networks to help me pay the bills while I worked on my EP. To make a really long story short… 8 years later, my music career had been tucked away on a shelf and I was feeling like life was passing me by every time I sat behind my desk.

Come April 2013, I decided it was time to gain control of my life and make my dreams come true. I quit my corporate job and set out on a much needed personal adventure. Now, I’m a new mom, first time homeowner, work-from-home voice artist, and living the life of a baseball wife (no, not thooose baseball wives :-). Life is not easy, but I do love it nonetheless.

I love talking/writing/discussing about life’s puzzling questions, being a baseball wife, motherhood/parenting, home decor, business, personal development and so much more. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur constantly seeking personal growth. I’m also a strong believer of love and kindness and creating a mindful life.

Welcome to my blog, my life! Please make yourself at home. There’s no room for judging here. We are all in this journey together.

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  1. I am so glad you have decided to choose happiness….You can’t give what you don’t have, so If you are happy you can make others around you happy. But as you clearly state, you have to be happy first. It is not being selfish, it is just logical! The most important person in your life is YOU, so pursue what you believe is your calling… it will unfold in front of you…you don’t have to search for it. BE PRESENT.

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