Before & After: Distressed Turquoise Media Console


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I’m very excited to share with you this DIY project. I wanted a nice piece of furniture to hold up our TV but every media center I saw online or in furniture stores was just too conventional, boring and oh so pricey. So, I took it upon myself to make it happen. On one of my Ikea field trips I saw a buffet table that caught my attention. It was large enough for the wall space and it had storage for all our board games. I also needed to make sure it had either a cabinet with glass doors or no doors at all for the digital receivers. With a little imagination and creativity this buffet table was about to become a customized, turquoise media console with a beautiful patina. Continue reading “Before & After: Distressed Turquoise Media Console”

Miss Ideas Webisode #10 – Exfoliantes naturales | Natural Exfoliants

Miss_Ideas_Exfoliantes_naturalesIt’s time to get rid of your dead skin cells with these natural exfoliants! Miss Ideas on Yahoo! En Español will show you a wonderful lip and body exfoliant that will definitely make your skin glow. Trust me, they work! Plus they smell delicious. You can find all of these ingredients at home and the step by step process is super easy. Give it a try and leave a reply to let me know how it goes! Enjoy!

Ingredients for Lip exfoliant | Ingredientes para exfoliante labial:

  • 1 cda miel | 1 tbs honey
  • 1 cda azúcar | 1 tbs sugar
  • 1 cda aceite de oliva | 1 tbs olive oil
  • 1 cda aceite de coco | 1 tbs coconut oil

Ingredients for Body scrub | Ingredientes para exfoliante corporal:

  • 1 taza café molido | 1 cup ground coffee
  • 1 taza azúcar | 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 taza aceite de oliva | 1/2 cup olive oil
  • 1 cda canela | 1 tbs cinnamon
  • 1 cdita nuez mascada | 1 tsp nutmeg

Llegó el momento de deshacernos de las celulas de la piel que ya no nos dan uso con estos exfoliantes naturales. Miss Ideas en Yahoo! en Español te trae un exfoliante labial y otro corporal que sin duda te haran la piel brillar. Créanme que funcionan a perfección y huelen delicioso. Todos los ingredientes los encontrarás en tu cocina y los pasos son fácilitos. Intentalo en tu casa y me dejas saber si te gustó o no (en “Leave a reply”) . La lista de ingredientes esta arriba. Muchas gracias y espero que lo disfruten!



Miss Ideas Webisode #9 – Organiza tus cajones | Organize Your Drawers


Do you spend a little too much time searching for your stuff in your drawers? Well, I got you covered! In this Miss Ideas video on Yahoo! En Español we show you how to make inexpensive drawer dividers. You need the following materials:

  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • cardboard
  • fabric
  • hot glue

Also, we’ve included a clip of how to fold your t-shirts easily and precisely. It is so cool and it never fails! Click on the image to watch the video. Thanks for watching!


¿Pasas demasiado tiempo rebuscando tus gavetas? Al hacer los divisores de este episodio de Miss Ideas en Yahoo! en Español podrás encontrar tus cosas mucho mas fácil. Solo necesitas:

  • tijeras
  • navaja
  • pedazo de cartón
  • tela
  • pega caliente

También te enseñamos como doblar una camiseta fácilmente. Admito que cuando lo hice me quedé anonadada. Es super preciso, fácil y ¡nunca falla! Hazle click a la imagen y verás. ¡Muchisimas gracias!

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La Mesa está Servida – Pizza & Pasta

PIzza hecha en casa

I LOVE Italian food. Love, Love Love it! Anything with mozzarella, basil and tomato just makes my mouth water. So why not share some absolutely delicious recipes found at Yahoo!? I’ve included a recipe for a homemade wheat pizza and some pasta with pesto sauce. I tried the pizza already and I have to say it was really tasty and light. You should try it! Plus, I love how the cooking is presented in these videos. The recipe ingredients and steps are on the video as well as on the blog entry on Yahoo! Enjoy!

Pasta al dente con pesto

A mi me FASCINA la comida Italiana. ¡Obsesión total! Mi debilidad es cualquier plato que tenga queso mozzarella, albahaca y tomate. Por eso, decidí compartir con ustedes unas recetas facilitas de comida italiana de Yahoo!: Pizza hecha en casa y Pasta con pesto. La pizza con masa integral es muy rica y no cae pesada para nada. Aún no he probado el pesto, pero lo estaré cocinando prontito. Hazle click a las imagenes para ver los videos (que están super lindos :-). Los ingredientes y los pasos a tomar estan listadosen el blog de Yahoo! y en el video. ¡Espero que lo disfruten y buen provecho!!

Thank you for reading! Gracias por leer mi blog!


Visiting Cape Cod, MA

Hardings Beach, Chatham, MA
Hardings Beach, Chatham, MA

One of the perks of being a baseball wife is that I get the opportunity to accompany my husband on some work trips. This past 4th of July, I had the pleasure of spending the week in Cape Cod, MA while my husband covered the Summer League. Remember the movie Summer Catch with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Jessica Biel? That’s the league I’m talking about! Anyhow, I fell in love with the Cape’s charm. It’s filled with marine antique stores, great seafood and very friendly people. While the locals complained about the gloomy and wet weather, I was imagining being a character in a Nicholas Sparks novel waiting for the fog over the ocean to lift to see if my husband would arrive alive on the only fishing boat that was out at sea during the perfect storm. Total sidetrack, but in my head it was real.

Three Buoys Store in Chatham, MA
Three Buoys Store in Chatham, MA
Shore Drive, Chatham, MA
Shore Drive, Chatham, MA

I highly recommend you go to Cape Cod if you haven’t been there yet. Have you visited the Cape? Tell me all about it! What are your favorite spots? Here are some of my pictures from the trip. Enjoy!

Turn of the century cribbage board found at Teacher's Antique in Chatham, MA
Turn of the century cribbage board found at Teacher’s Antique in Chatham, MA
Fishing boat from my imaginary story
Marconi Beach in Wellfleet. The Beachcomber is a great hang out spot in front of this beach.
Marconi Beach in Wellfleet. The Beachcomber is a great hang out spot in front of this beach.

Cape Cod National Seashore made it to Budget Travel’s 10 of the World’s Most Interesting Beaches! Click on the gray font to read the article.

My dinner at Squire, Chatham, MA
My dinner at Squire, Chatham, MA
Baseball Summer League game in Orleans, MA
Baseball Summer League game in Orleans, MA

Beautiful home

Oh how I love these hydrangeas! So beautiful and plentiful in the Cape.
Oh how I love these hydrangeas! So beautiful and plentiful in the Cape.
Fishing boat sunset on Rock Harbor Creek in Orleans.
Fishing boat sunset on Rock Harbor Creek in Orleans.

Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s soooo relaxing too! You can also do whale watching with the kids and visit Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. So much to do!!

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Miss Ideas Webisode #8 – Organiza tus joyas | Jewelry Branch

In this week’s Miss Ideas episode on Yahoo! en Español we show you how to organize your jewelry in a fun and budget friendly way! A jewelry branch! Click on the image to see the video. Do you store your jewelry in a creative way? Show me! Leave a comment below. Thank you for watching the Miss Ideas videos! We’re loving your comments and your reactions!

Esta semana en Miss Ideas en Yahoo! En Español te enseñamos como organizar tus prendas de forma decorativa y sin gastar mucho dinero. Hazle click a la imagen para ver el video. ¿Guardas tus prendas de forma creativa? ¡Quiero ver como lo haces! Dejame un comentario abajo. Muchísimas gracias por ver los videos de Miss Ideas. Nos encanta que estan dejando comentarios en la pagina de Yahoo!

Muchos Cariños!

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Your Guide to Temporary Wallpaper

Hi everyone!

Ever since I posted the “Before & After” post on covering my wall-to-wall mirrors with removable wallpaper, I’ve received several emails and questions regarding the options. (You can read the post here). I’m so glad you asked! Using temporary wallpaper is a great way to add personal style to any area of your home without making a full-blown commitment. This is a perfect alternative for renters, kids’ rooms and for those designers that consider their homes a work-in-progress and are always changing their homes. Uhm, me… Here is your guide to temporary wallpaper!

"Soprano Teal Wallpaper Elixir Graham & Brown"
“Soprano Teal Wallpaper Elixir Graham & Brown”
"Sexy Hexy"
“Sexy Hexy”

Looking for temporary wallpaper on your search engine can get a little convoluted. You may want to use some of these terms in your search engine; temporary wallpaper, removable wallpaper, wall tiles, wall decals, peel n’ stick tiles, wall stickers, wall murals. The list goes on but these are the most popular names. If you want to cover a large space or an accent wall, I recommend you use the wall tiles or the murals. The decals and stickers tend to be smaller in scale and are usually in the shape of an object or words/phrases.

WallCandy  "Hot Air Balloons"
WallCandy “Hot Air Balloons”

There are many options when it comes to temporary wallpaper. Solid colors, patterns, prints, words, borders and they all have one thing in common. They are easy to install and easy to remove. You don’t need to call a professional and no adhesive or scraper is necessary. Some other great uses for temporary wallpaper include adhering it to a piece of furniture like a tabletop, or as a backdrop inside bookshelves, sticking it to a wall niche, and even attaching it to kitchen appliances! You can put these stickers just about anywhere!

"Olives Linen" by Holli Zollinger
“Olives Linen” by Holli Zollinger

Where to find temporary wallpaper?

Here are some of my favorite online stores that offer fabulous temporary wallpaper: Chasing Paper, Wallpops!, Spoonflower, Design Your Wall & 2Modern. Their designs have all been shown on this post. You can click on the images and it will take you directly to the item’s location on the site. Decals are also available in a store near you! I’ve found that the best selections are in Target and Ikea. Take this Jonathan Adler Decal from Target, for example. So pretty!

Wallpops! "Jonathan Adler Photo Frames Kit"
Wallpops! “Jonathan Adler Photo Frames Kit” &

I hope this post helped those with questions about temporary wallpaper. Have a great day and Thanks for reading!


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Miss Ideas Webisode #7 – Arma tu Mini Bar

Setting up a mini bar is simple when you have all the right ingredients. Watch this Miss Ideas video on Yahoo! en Español to set up a classy and stylish bar!  Click on the image below to view the video! I hope you like it! Thanks for viewing.

Armando tu mini bar no tiene que ser dificil. Vea este video de Miss Ideas en Yahoo! en Español para aprender como armar una barra elegante y completa. ¡Asi impresionas a cualquiera! Hazle click a la imagen para ver el video. ¡Gracias!

Thanks for reading! ¡Gracias por leer mi blog!


Girls, Celebrate your Independence

In two days we celebrate our Independence day. As we approach this day I usually picture a hamburger on the BBQ, Adirondack chairs, fireworks and kids chasing each other with water balloons. But today I think, we are lucky to live here. The land of the free. I recently saw the CNN Film “Girl Rising” where nine girls from developing countries share their stories of survival, education and hope. The film was a reminder that we should be grateful for our liberties and our education.

“Educating a girl is one of the highest returns on investment in the developing world.”

Here in the USA, it doesn’t matter which political party you are affiliated with or which religion you follow, you have that choice. Despite the flaws in our education system, we are offered free education no matter your gender, race or culture. Despite the flaws of our government, we should be thankful for democracy. Despite disagreements and political outcomes, we have a voice. We have laws that protect us and people that enforce it. For the most part, we feel safe. Of course there is always an exception but we should be mindful of the fact that in some developing countries girls are deprived of an education and some are even killed for voicing their opinions. WE ARE LUCKY. Women should be educated and empowered because in doing so they have the ability to change everything.

I wake up everyday knowing that my dreams are alive and free in this country. We should celebrate this country’s independence day as our own. Happy Independence Day gals!

“Educating a girl is one of the highest returns on investment in the developing world. 66 million girls are not in school… When a girl is educated she can change her life, her family’s life, her community, her country, our lives”

Thanks for reading!