10 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s not too late!

Valentine’s day might be a “Hallmark Holiday” but I think it is a great way to say I love you to those that matter most to you. Saying positive and feel-good things is never a bad idea. In case you haven’t planned anything yet, here are some last minute ideas that might help you out no matter what your relationship situation is. Oh and you know what? I also made a playlist on Spotify of lovy dovy songs to share with you! Check it out HERE!

Here are 10 last minute Valentine’s Day ideas:

    1. Send cute or funny ecards to those far away. You can find some great options on Paperless Post, American Greetings, and Hallmark. For a funny spin on things I suggest sending a JibJab email card. With these you simply upload a pictures of someone’s face to their templates and you get a hysterical video. I like the one to “Let’s get physical” by Olivia Newton-John. Omg! So funny!! Here’s a pic preview.LetsGetPhysicalYou’ll have to pay for some of these cards and videos but it is worth it! Plus you don’t have to run out of your office or home to get it!
    2. Write a love letter. I always do this. Letters are way more meaningful and long-lasting than chocolate or flowers. We always end up crying. Never fails. Then I save these cards in a binder. It’s fun to read these cards after some years have passed.
    3. From your local supermarket, buy flowers, balloons or chocolate bars and put cute little printable messages like these HERE and give them to your friends and/or co-workers. Hershey’s kisses are always a good option. Simple, sweet and inexpensive.

      via Tomkat Studio
      via Tomkat Studio
    4. Valentine’s Day dinner dates at new restaurants are always fun. We’re actually doing this for the very first time in the 9 years we’ve been together. We tend to rule out dinner on this day immediately. Plus, dinner out alone with my hubs is out of the norm so every time we go out to a new restaurant it’s extra special. Aww!
    5. Dinner at home is also a great option. Pop that bottle of vino, put on some romantic tunes, turn off you phones and cook up some grub. It’s best if you try recipes that you’ve never done before. You might end up with a delicious meal or a great Valentine’s day story if all fails. Try these recipes or these recipes I found on Pinterest!
    6. You can write little messages on Post its for your love and hide them everywhere. I love this idea. See how Leaf TV did it in this cute video.
    7. How about the great outdoors? Maybe there are some concerts in your area going on this weekend that you might want to go to. Or maybe you could go for a bike ride, go for a hike, or go paddleboarding! You could also do touristy things in your home town like a celeb home tour or a sailing tour! You could also try a trapeze class, a silks class, a bar crawl or a food tour! I’m getting excited just thinking about these awesome things to do! Check your local websites for these. Miami currently has the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, so that should be a good idea!
    8. If the outdoors isn’t for you (or it’s simply too cold out for any of the above mentioned ideas) why not go bowling or catch a movie? Or maybe there is a museum, aquarium or zoo you haven’t visited yet in your area. You could take a juggling class (they exist) or paint some pottery at Color Me Mine. Get outside of your comfort zone!
    9. Play boardgames!! I like Cards Against Humanity and the Head’s Up App from Ellen Degeneres. Head’s up has a limited time only Academy Awards category now! Get it while it lasts!
    10. Have some sex! Make love! Do it in the woods! Whatever makes your senses tingle! Don’t just assume you’ll end up doing the deed. Try something new! Just do it and love it and please don’t tell me about it!

You can basically do all of the things above with your friends too (except #10 of course)! You don’t need a significant other to have a lovable time. Sharing time with your amigas is fun too!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and I hope this guide was a bit helpful.

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