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before_and_after_small_caps_zaniaHello beautiful readers!

I’m now accepting submissions for the Before & After series! I’m sure you have some projects around your home that you are super proud of! Right? Then share them here on! I love to see what my readers are up to! You have amazing and innovative ideas that I’m sure would impress the followers of this blog. Anything you want to submit is welcome! For example, repurposing of old furniture, mural designs, flipping rooms, turning trash into treasure… Really, anything and everything is welcome to be reviewed.

Here’s how to submit:

  1. Provide a BEFORE picture.
  2. Provide an AFTER picture.
  3. If you have pictures of the process, you are welcome to submit those too.
  4. If you want to explain what you did and how you did it, please write your process down! This would be fantastic for the readers. I accept entries in Spanish, English or Spanglish.
  5. Submit: Go to the Contact page here (or at the top of the blog). Fill in the info and provide a download link for the pictures. You can use any cloud service such as Dropbox. You will get full credit for your pictures. Also, if you could include where you are from, that would be great!

Thank you in advance for your submissions! You all rock!

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