Are YOU a Leader in Your Own Life?

On September 12-14 I had the pleasure of attending the Hispana Leadership Summit at the Disney Grand Floridian Resort in Orlando, Florida. This event promotes the importance of leadership in Hispanic women in all aspects of life. This event surfaced those conflicting and guilt driven conversations we have with ourselves. It brought to life the things we know and talk about but fail to put into action. Speakers, panelists and fellow attendees managed to share their wisdom and experience to help those women who need inspiration and motivation to get back on the horse.

Here are some quotes and thoughts from some of the speakers at the event that struck a chord with me:

“The pursuit of perfection prevents progress” – Luly Balepogi “Balance is Bull$h!t” @LulyBTweets

“Live life. Don’t let life live you.” -Bert Oliva “Body Talk”

“You are not your mind.” Cecilia Ramírez Harris, “The Power of Positive Thinking” Univision Networks “Nuestros Hijos”

“I’m dispatching trucks while tweeting to a fan who’s at Walgreens looking for deals. It’s all about the interaction with people and loving what you do” – Myrah Duque “Latina Blogger Success Stories”

“Changes happen. Adapt and overcome” – Irene Zoppi “Courageous Leadership” Commissioner for the state of Maryland

You see, sometimes we lose ourselves in our work, in our families, in our relationships and in our thoughts. I’ve been there before and I bet you have too. We need to find a way to recognize those symptoms and then pull ourselves out and back in control of our life. The choices we make on a daily basis can get us there. Are you making yourself a priority? Are YOU a leader in your own Life? Are you happy?

Luly B. couldn’t have said it better, “Put your oxygen mask on first and then help the person next to you” Sounds simple, but can be so difficult to obtain.

Feel good dancing during Bert Oliva’s talk
Putting in my 2 cents during Luly B’s keynote

Take a moment to think and ask yourself; are you a leader in your own life?

Have a great day!



Miss Ideas #17 – Office Braid Bun| Trenza para la oficina

Let’s face it, sometimes our hair just doesn’t cooperate. This sophisticated braid bun shown on this episode of Miss Ideas on Yahoo  is an easy fix for the bad hair day blues. Just twist, snap and go! It’s great for rainy days too! Click on the image below to view the video. Thanks for watching!Miss_Ideas_Office_Braid_Bun_Titlecard

Desafortunadamente nuestro cabello no coopera con nosotras en todo momento. Por eso hay peinados como la trenza que puedes ver en éste video de Miss Ideas en Yahoo que resuelven ese mismo problemita. Con tan solo enroscar y sostener tu cabello estarás lista para tu día. Es buenísimo para los días de lluvia también. ¡Espero que disfrutes el video y gracias por verlo!

Signature_Zania Miss_Ideas_Header


Miss Ideas #16 – How to Make a Casual Braid | Cómo hacer una trenza casual

Wear it at the beach, wear it to school or just about anywhere! This casual braid is easy to make and practically goes with everything. The trick is to always add another small piece of hair from the top of your head to the top strand. That is what holds the braid in its place. You can do one side of your head or maybe do both for an entirely different look! Click on the image below to watch the video. Thank you so much for watching Miss Ideas on Yahoo and for reading this blog. To receive the blog posts directly in your inbox just click on the “Follow” button located in the right column of the Homepage.Miss_Ideas_casual_Braid_titlecard

Sea para la playa o para la escuela, esta trenza es super fácil de hacer y va con todo. El truco es que siempre vayas añadiendo mas pelo al mechoncito que queda arriba. Eso es lo que sostiene la trenza. La puedes hacer a un lado de la cabeza o en los dos para un estilo diferente.  Hazle click a la imagen para ver el video. Gracias por ver Miss Ideas en Yahoo y por leer este blog! Para recibir los posts del blog en tu inbox solo hazle click al botón de la derecha que dice “Follow” en la página principal. 

¡Gracias! Thank you!

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Before & After: Red Stools with Black & White Chevron Cushions


This month’s Before & After features some stools I made for a friend. It takes about a 5 hours to work on all of these (with some drying time in between) and one overnight drying period. Hope they inspire you to add some color to your home! Continue reading “Before & After: Red Stools with Black & White Chevron Cushions”

Your Favorite Blog Posts of Summer 2013

Hello amigos!

To wrap up the summer, I’m rounding up the best posts from the season. It was a great season here at and I hit my first blog post goal of 25 posts! Next goal is blog post #50 and it is coming up soon!! Thank you so much for being a part of this blog. It’s you who keeps me wanting to share more content with you!!

Here are your favorite Blog Posts of the Summer.

  1. Not surprisingly, the Miss Ideas series dominates the top rated posts for the summer. Arma tu Mini Bar | How to Organize a Small Bar is #1 on the list featuring Puerto Rico’s “Don Q” Rum.Arma tu mini bar | Mini Bar Set Up Episode #7 (7.3.2013)
  2. One click away from the #1 spot is How do YOU Define Success? This is one of my favorite posts too! Along with the post I added this very informative infographic regarding today’s views on Success. I know you like Infographics!!

    Credit: Third Metric Infographic
    Credit: Third Metric Infographic
  3. Next one received a lot of comments on all social media platforms. It was Arregla tu maquillaje roto | How to Fix Broken Makeup. It really is very useful and it was so much fun to make. There’s an added blooper on the post too.Arregla tu maquillaje roto | How to fix your broken makeup Episode #13 (8.14.2013)
  4. Tied for fourth place are Organiza tu joyas |Jewelry Branch and Checking in on Week 19. I wasn’t expecting to get so many hits on my “Checking in” post but I’m glad to see that you like hearing about my milestones. I share them because I believe that you too can achieve your true potential and if we share our motivation then it can spread like wildfire and encourage us to keep going.Organiza tus joyas | Jewelry Branch Episode #8 (7.10.2013)What_Am_I_Doing_Instagram_zania
  5. Lastly, at position #5 is Your Guide to Temporary Wallpaper. This was a hit! You sent in lots of emails and questions regarding these. So glad you liked it!

    "Soprano Teal Wallpaper Elixir Graham & Brown"
    “Soprano Teal Wallpaper Elixir Graham & Brown”

Remember, you can always leave a reply on any post or contact me through the “Contact” page and let me know if there’s anything you’d like for me to blog about. Thanks again for all your support and I hope you had a great Summer!!!


Miss Ideas #15 – How to Tie a Tie | Cómo atar el nudo de la corbata


Do you know how to tie a tie? Usually, men know how to do it, but do you? I know men who think it’s sexy when a girl takes charge of this small task. On episode #15 of Yahoo’s Miss Ideas you’ll learn how to do just that. (Click on the video above). BTW, If you think ties are only for men, well, think again. They look pretty darn cute on girls too! Here are some pics to prove my point. For more videos from Miss Ideas please click HERE. Thanks for reading!How_to_tie_a_tie_titlecard

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:


Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

¿Alguna vez has intentado atar una corbata? Usualmente, los hombres aprenden a hacerlo mas temprano que nosotras, pero ¿sabes hacerlo? Se de hombres que piensan que las chicas se ven sexy cuando les atan las corbatas. ¿Será porque no se lo esperan? o porque la chica demuestra que está en control.? Mmm… De todos modos, si quieres aprender solo le haces click al video arriba. Y como pueden ver, las corbatas no son para los hombres solamente. Se ven muy chic en las chicas también. Para más videos de Miss Ideas vayan AQUI. Gracias por leer mi blog!


Behind the Scenes “No te necesito” Video Shoot Part 1


Hope you had a lovely long Labor day weekend! I know I did!

So, I recorded a music video! Woo hoo! This music video is for “No te necesito” an existing song in my “Dulce” EP on iTunes. (Yes! I do have an EP out it’s only $4.99 and you can find it HERE!) I released this album back in 2010. Since then, I haven’t done another EP or written a full song so I thought it was time to get back at it. This time it was all about having fun and not about what others thought was best for me. That said, I set out to get some “help me help you” favors and with a very limited budget got a music video. Anything is possible if you just ask for it. Here are some pictures to get you excited about the release!



Here’s how I did it:

  • A friend from my previous job had been wanting to get back into his Mr. Director role and said he would record and edit the music video for free. He would then promote me on his site and vice versa. Sounded good to me!
  • A friend of Mr. Director offered a location for free with a bar and an area to set up a mini stage. Perfect! No permits, no fees. We were even able to set up days before!
  • Since I love decoration and DIY, guess who became the set designer? Moi! I looked for an inexpensive way to make a big impact since I knew that the set needed A LOT of love. I will show you what I did and how I did it on the B&A series soon.
  • I got some friends to be actors and audience members, paid them with refreshments, Cuban and Puerto Rican “pastelitos”, beer, some stand-up comedy with friends and a free download of my album. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.
  • The 50% OFF clearance rack at Forever 21 provided my dress & belt. My super fashionable friend, Gaby, let me borrow a very cool necklace from her online store Alma Mei . The exact necklace is HERE. (Check them out! They have some beautiful items on their online store and the prices are super reasonable. As a plus, they also share their proceeds with different charities. So cool!) The shoes are Cole Haan.
  • Hair and makeup was done by the same talented gal, Eli, who does my makeup for Yahoo’s Miss Ideas episodes. You can follow her YouTube channel HERE. If you live in the Miami area you can hire her to do your makeup for any special event! She’s great!



I will be announcing the release date of the music video through here and all my social media sites. You can connect with me at any time through the blog or find the link to my Instagram and Twitter on the column to the right.

If you want to see a previous music video I did for the movie SIN ELLA you can click HERE.

Thanks for reading & have a beautiful day!