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Have you heard of vision boards before? If you haven’t, a vision board is an actual board meant to help you organize your goals in the form of images. You can use these boards in reference to anything: your life, a business, a specific event or project…the list goes on. You can make one at home or on your computer, with just about anything that you can imagine. If you Google “Vision boards” you will have thousands of examples at your disposal!

What do you want? Joy? Love? Abundance? A restaurant? A pet ladybug? Your board can have whatever you want on it! By putting this board together, you are turning your thoughts, intentions, and desires into concrete images. And in turn, by seeing these images on a daily basis, you can then have a clearer focus towards attaining those results.

I am a very visual person; therefore, making a “life” vision board for myself made complete sense. So I finally sat my bubble-butt down and made it happen! I’m very happy with how it turned out! Here it is (in no particular order). I have also provided explanations below. (I numbered the images from left to right). Maybe this can help you get your vision board started!

Vision Board 2014 w numbers

  1. To me, this image represents working from a place of passion and love. I want to feel like I’m working with a purpose. At the end of the day, I want to smile because I’m loving what I’m doing, and because I’m respecting myself and my time.
  2. I would love to be a “work-from-home” mommy. I want to work while offering my future children the attention and love they need (especially during the early stages of their life).
  3. Not having to worry about the bills, nor about my family’s financial future, is what I would call “financial freedom”. Just being smart, while having lots of money saved, instead of struggling with finances.
  4. This is Marie Forleo. I love her messages and what she stands for. She is humble, sweet, secure, smart, inspiring, and motivational. She’s an advocate for women and education, has a caring heart, and she possesses a lovable sense of humor. I aim to be all of those as well. Plus, her mug is great in this image! Who doesn’t want to be rich, happy and hot? LOL! Love it!
  5. Freedom. Big one. By freedom I mean the act of being free from my thoughts. I’ve always been independent, but my mind will sometimes trick me into worrying too much about pleasing others or doing the supposed “right thing”. In mastering freedom, I’m able to choose the direction of my intentions, while allowing my true self to shine through. It’s a daily challenge and I’m working on it.
  6. My connection with nature is spiritual, and the beach is where I feel that connection most strongly. Nature awakens my senses and fills me with vibrancy and glorious energy. It’s my church.
  7. Family. Who knows what life has in store for us? But caring for others is innate for me, and bearing my own little ones, and then nurturing them and guiding them through life, would be an adventure I would easily love to take on. They say this type of love is unlike anything else in the world. I would love to experience it with my hubby.
  8. While I don’t mind having a husband that could take care of me, I still like making my own money. It just makes me feel good.
  9. Health and wellness. I want to do my best towards feeling my best and looking my best, as long as I possibly can. Good nutrition and habits, for both me and my family. The women in this picture are Karena and Katrina from my favorite fitness site
  10. Believe. Anything is possible.
  11. I must never lose sight of my creativity. I lost it before and I must never allow myself to do that again.
  12. Singing is part of my being. I’m now learning what singing from the heart truly means. It is about connecting with your soul and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Much easier said than done.
  13. My love. My husband. My marriage. My everything. Love is all we need, and as long as that is alive, we’ll be ok.
  14. Travel. I want to see more of the world. The experience and the wonder is so magical to me.
  15. I want to own a Spanish style home. They are just beautiful.
  16. Fun times with friends, especially my girlfriends. Laughs and more laughs and more laughs.

How’s that for a vision board? Did you like it? I’m aware that some things might change along the way, but that’s part of growing up. In general I think it’s pretty accurate and perfect for me.

How are your life’s goals going? Just because it’s April, and not January of the new year, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make new goals or adjust old ones! Let’s get to it! Like I mentioned in my April newsletter, here is my ‘mesmerizing thought for the month’:


I made my board on but you can do yours with magazine images, with Microsoft ‘Paint’ or Mac’s ‘Paintbrush’, or you can use a Free iTunes App. There are plenty to choose from!

What would your vision board look like? I want to hear all about it!

Thanks for reading!

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