Expect the Unexpected

Last month was a whirlwind. It was all work and no play. Here’s why…

I enjoy reading/hearing/talking about business, especially entrepreneurship, and believe that I will someday run a successful, profitable business myself.

For years, I’ve been debating whether or not to go to Business School. I’ve done research online, spoken to college reps, asked about online and full time programs, attended information sessions, bought the GMAT books and I’ve always ended up nixing the idea. I just don’t think it’s for me.

My dad, on the other hand, would love it if I went to Business School (read: slightly pressured to go). It wouldn’t be any business school though. It would have to be on the level of Columbia, Kellogg, etc. I have nothing against that. It’s just not my cup of tea.

So when he emails me one day and says, “What about this online program from Seth Godin called the altMBA?” My jaw dropped. My dad, the non-believer in online MBA education, caved a little. We both enjoy Seth Godin’s approach to business/freelancing and the power of making change happen. So, I clicked on it. It was different, short, and attractive. I applied and told no one.

Weeks later, I got accepted. It was unexpected. I’ve been rejected a lot before so I never get my hopes up on anything. I’m immune to rejection by now.

I committed to the program and cleared my schedule for the month of August. I was ready to push myself into the unknown. The program was very intense. They weren’t kidding when they said it would be tough and would push you to the brink. But it was worth it.

I learned about business models, economics, marketing, decision making, constraints, tension, sales, goal setting, kindness, mindset, the power of feedback AND I met inspiring and extremely intelligent people from all over the world. I also learned to expect the unexpected with this program. It’s so unlike any other course I’ve ever taken. It’s was truly an experience on its own.

BUT to make all of this happen there was a lot of planning in the background.

My husband committed to Alfie and home duty for the month of August, on the days he was at here. He did have to work too, so we managed a schedule to help both of us with our work. Luckily, it was for 21 days of the month. Without him this would have been a million times harder. Brownie points.

He wasn’t here for about 10 days of the month and I cried those days because it was incredibly difficult to stay sane and do everything that I needed to do, plus keep up with the house and keep Alfie alive. The projects were distracting me while I was with Alfie, the work was making me go to bed late, wake up early and work during nap times.

It took me back to October/November of 2015 when I was working insane hours at my Sales job and realized that I was missing out on life by burying my head in work. This time, however, it was different because I was doing this for me.

I’m proud of the work I delivered and how I pushed myself. It changed how I see business and how I see the world. I’m grateful for all the lessons I learned and the people that I met along the way. I’m proud of my dad for opening his mind up to a modern style of education and having the courage to tell me about it. I’m grateful for my husband and everything he did for me during this time. I’m grateful for my family for stepping up and helping me. I’m proud of myself for asking for help.  

Yet, I wouldn’t work at that pace all the time though. It’s draining and it is impossible to make good decisions when you haven’t gotten enough rest.

The month of August goes down in the books as a challenging month in my life. One that has taught me business mastery and reminded me how much I love my village.

How have you pushed yourself lately? Was it worth it? How did it change you?

Thanks for reading!

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