Scarves, Recycled Place Mats & Gift Wrapping Tutorials

Hi everyone!

Exactly a year ago we launched Miss Ideas on Yahoo! It was a very fun project that included many DIY tutorials, beauty tips and much more. I am going to re-post them during the next several weeks so that you can get a refresher! If you haven’t seen these you can click on them below to view or you can go to this link here for all 22 episodes. Here is the scarves, recycled place mats and gift wrapping tutorials! Enjoy! Continue reading “Scarves, Recycled Place Mats & Gift Wrapping Tutorials”

Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

FavoriteBlogPostsof2013_2How are you all doing? Did you have fun over the holidays? I know I did! To day I round up my favorite blog posts of 2013. It’s not only the content, but it’s also the reasoning behind the posts that matter.

  1. Welcome to ZaniMeli! (April 24th 2013, Post #1) – This was the first blog post. I obviously changed the name of the site, but this post was so meaningful to me. It signified new beginnings, a gigantic leap of faith, stepping into the unknown and committing to my creativity and business.Miss Ideas Logo
  2. Miss Ideas Yahoo Launch (May 22nd 2013, Post #12) – Working with Yahoo! and S+A Media was a great experience. This was the first video we launched on the site. So proud! You responded very well to most Miss Ideas videos. You can click HERE to view all episodes.
  3. Your Guide to Temporary Wallpaper (July 9th 2013, Post #26) – Compiling this list was so much fun! You loved it a lot too! Hence, I’m going to work on more posts like this in 2014.
  4. The “Before & After Series” has been pretty successful. Amongst my favorite are; Before & After: Distressed Turquoise Media Console (July 30th 2013, Post #32), Before & After: Red Stools With Black and White Zig Zag Cushions (September 12th 2013, Post #12), and Before & After: Ribbon Art (October 10th 2013, Post #52). I love getting my hands dirty and creating beauty out of old ragged pieces. These are examples of that.
  5. How do YOU Define Success? (August 6th 2013, Post #34) – I’m passionate about this topic. Writing this post was not just about sharing thoughts but also about digging deep and searching for your own version of success. The infographic is fantastic!
  6. Checking in on Week 19 (August 13th 2013, Post #36) – This is how I am able to record my personal quarterly successes, challenges and failures. This first check in was great! I just did my 2nd HERE. It’s always great to see where you stand in comparison with your plans/goals.The Baking Corner Colors
  7. Apple Streusel Muffins (October 17th 2013, Post #54) – The recipes we’ve received from the Baking Corner have been a huge success! You and I have loved seeing these delicious sweets on the blog. You can also check out the easy Chocolate Shortbred Logs.
  8. Before & After: Tr3s Top 20 Set Design (November 21st 2013, Post #64) – I put this B&A apart from the others because the transformation of this little room into a set was drastic. You must see it to believe it. I worked my @$$ off on this one!#ThankfulNovember
  9. #ThankfulNovember (November 26th 2013, Post #65) – The response to my daily Facebook and Twitter posts on #ThankfulNovember definitely caught your attention. This was a great way to take a moment to be thankful for the big and little things that make us happy. One person asked me if I was doing anything for December! That’s a great idea for next year! I’ll make something up!E-Decorating
  10. E-Decorating Services (December 5th 2013, Post #68) – I worked diligently to come up with a platform and pricing strategy that could generate me income through accessible design. This is how I make my money, baby! Let’s get you some big style for little money! I’m here to help you get started!

Those were my top 10 favorite posts. You know when you come across old entries that you wish you could have written better? I just went through that, but I’m not touching them. They are what they are and in retrospect they are lessons for the future. The moment I, you, start getting too critical you’ll end up not doing anything at all. You just have to let it be. That’s how creativity works. I’ve learned to let go in that sense and let me voice be heard. Overall, I’m a happy camper.

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5 Ways to Tie a Scarf

Miss_Ideas_bufanda.jpgIt’s sweater weather! Well, it’s more than just sweater weather in some places (Brrrrr) but here I’m bringing back the first episode of Miss Ideas on Yahoo! where we show you how to tie a scarf 5 different ways. Click on the image above to watch the video. Hope you enjoy it! ¡Que lo disfruten!
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Before: Tr3s Top 20 Set Design

Hi everyone!

For some time now I’ve been wanting to share this amazing project that I worked on in the last month. I was hired to design the set for Tr3s Top 20! So freakin’ awesome! Tr3s forms part of the Viacom Networks family (MTV, Vh1, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon…). It targets the Latin community in the United States. They do a weekly show where they present the Top 20 music videos of the week along with artist interviews and entertainment news! I got this job because… well… I worked at Viacom for a long time and they decided to keep the project “in the family”. This is a true testament on how you should NEVER burn any bridges. Plus, it’s impossible to burn bridges when the crew behind Top 20 is so sweet! That said, I want to give thanks to Claudia, Myra, Olivier, Ashley, Lissette, Kris, Danny and Efren for the opportunity and the help! I’m so grateful. You all rock!

In our initial consultation we discussed all the necessary objectives of the space. They wanted the space to be functional, sound proof, look professional, comfortable, versatile, modern and clean. So right off the bat, I knew I wanted to incorporate movable furniture, pops of color and make it simple. They also wanted to record live acoustic performances. That called for furniture that would work well with musicians, (guitarists especially). Having worked in television before, I knew this wasn’t an average interior design job because set design is very particular. It’s amazing how things look completely different on camera! I had to scratch about 3 wall design options that I had drafted… Bye bye ombre effect in geometric patterns! I also had to work that oddly placed column into the design. We couldn’t do any structural changes to the place so ‘demoing’ it wasn’t an option. Lighting was not part of my plan either because they would have a pro come in after I was done to light it properly for the cameras.

This is what the place looked like in its original state.

Top20_6 Top20_7 Top20_8 Top20_9 Top20_10 Top20_11 This place needed some serious tlc, don’t ‘cha think? And guess what? I had TWO WEEKS to pull this off!!! No joke!! This means that every piece needed to be in stock, within the budget, and delivered within this time frame. Insane. Oh, and this all needed to happen while I was also attending a two day conference in Orlando and then shooting an episode of Miss Ideas for Yahoo! This was right about the time when I asked the décor Gods, “May I get an HGTV crew here with me asap?” No reply. So, I just repeated the following to myself, “Make quick decisions, breathe and go for it.” That’s exactly what I did and I ended up enjoying the process.

My inspiration was the mod style, colorful with a vibrant vibe. Neutral backdrop with pops of color. Modern. Clean. Bright. Geometric. Some of those things ended up happening, some didn’t but that’s usually how it works. Lots of things change during the process.

Top20_29 This was the draft they liked from my presentation of the design concept for one of the walls. Simple design. Lots of potential.


The office handyman, Efren, patched up the walls, smoothed them over and then painted. We picked Gray Area 770F-4 from Behr in a flat finish from Home Depot as our grounding color for the walls. They would hold up colorful shelves and a series of accessories, so this asks for a neutral backdrop. The outlets and switches were later painted gray too in order to have that seamless flow on the wall. We didn’t want those standing out. We also painted the rubber foot board which was black. Removing it would have added more work, so in the interest of time, that was not an option.

Top20_13 Top20_15 Top20_14The original white backdrop was totally busted so we repainted it with Ultra Pure White 1850 (W-B-500) from Behr in a flat finish from the Home Depot. It was soooo white that you couldn’t even determine the depth of the space! Creepy!

Then I placed painter’s tape on the wall where the shelves were going to go. I also wrote down the color of the shelves on the tape as a reference for me and Efren.

Top20_16 Top20_17

Top20_23I installed the Wedgies from Sam Ash on the door and adjacent wall. Not only do they improve the acoustics in the room, but they also have a nice sparkle once the light shines directly on them. They wanted a design pattern so I attempted two. They ended up with neither, but more on that later.

Top20_18 Top20_20Top20_28Soon after the wedgies were installed, we put up the curtains. These Mariam curtains are from Ikea (sorry couldn’t find the purple listing online but they have them in store). They are thick enough to block light and they also absorb sound. We installed them over the doors and the sound proof walls in order to create another set within the set. The rods are also from Ikea.

Top20_24As you can see, I attempted to decorate the column in the middle with like color duct tape. I removed those because none of us liked them.

Then the furniture started arriving…

Top20_2 Top20_19 Top20_27The orange chairs are called System 1-2-3 Dining Chair from Design Within Reach. I fell in love with these chairs the moment I saw them. They fit the space perfectly since they are low enough to sit comfortably in, they are swivel (so cool) and they don’t have arm rests which makes it easy for any guitarist to play without being uncomfortable. The red chairs are the Catalunya chairs from Modern Home to Go Miami as well as the two Piro side tables.

So this is all I’m going to show you for now. Awww! But don’t worry, keep checking back for more on the “during” part of this challenging project and then the final “After”.

Thanks for reading!Signature_Zania

Miss Ideas #22 – Bedside Table Renovation | Renueva tu mesita de noche

This is one of my favorite makeover projects that we did for Miss Ideas on Yahoo! en Español. Actually, it’s one of my favorite DIY projects ever! You know, there’s no need to spend a lot of money for great design. This bedside table only cost us $10 at a thrift store and then we glammed it up to make it look absolutely stunning. Take a look at the video and you’ll see how we turned a boring piece into a masterpiece! You’ll love this bedside table renovation! Enjoy! For sourcing reference on the wallpaper, go HERE.

Este es uno de mis proyectos favoritos de Miss Ideas en Yahoo en Español. Puedes transformar una simple mesita de noche a una pieza totalmente única y especial. Toma un poco de tiempo y dedicación pero te aseguro que vale el esfuerzo. Hazle click a la imagen de arriba para ver el video. ¡Quedarás super impresionada! ¡Que lo disfrutes! Para ver en donde conseguimos el papel de empapelar, puedes ir AQUI.

Signature_ZaniaPara mas videos de Miss Ideas vayan a ESTA pagina. For more Miss Ideas Videos, please go HERE.Miss_Ideas_Header_Banner_Yahoo


Miss Ideas #21 – Decorate With Duct Tape (Part 2) | Decora con cinta para ductos (Parte 2)

Miss_Ideas_Decorate_with_duct_tape_part2_titlecardAnd here is Part 2 of our Duct Tape series on Yahoo’s Miss Ideas! This one is easy to do and can give any table a shocking makeover. Now I want to cover everything in duct tape! Click on the image above to view the video.  To view Part 1 of this series click HERE. Thanks for visiting my page!
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Y aquí esta la segunda parte de la serie de decoración con cintas para ductos de Miss Ideas en Yahoo! Cuenta con una transformación increíble al cubrir una mesa con estas cintas. ¡Ahora me ha dado fiebre de cubrir todo con cintas! Házle click a la imagen de arriba para ver el video. Para ver la primera parte de esta serie házle click AQUI.   ¡Gracias por visitar mi página!
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Miss Ideas #20 – Decorate with Duct Tape (Part 1) | Decora con cinta para ductos (Parte 1)

Decorate with duct tape? Yes, you read right! On this episode of Miss Ideas on Yahoo! en Español, we show you how you can personalize a frame with the use of duct tape. We found the tape at Target and Walmart. You can also get creative and cover notebooks, jars, phone cases, make wall art… Oh the possibilities are endless! Click on the image below to view the video. Next week, we’ll be showing you a bigger project you can do with this unconventional item! Stay Tuned! Thanks for reading!Decorate_with_Duct_tape_part_1_titlecard

Si, leiste correctamente. En este episodio de Miss Ideas en Yahoo en Español, verás como puedes transformar un marco con cinta para ductos. Estas cintas las encontramos en Target y Walmart. También puedes usar este método para cubrir cualquier objeto tales como libretas, frascos, el “cover” de tu teléfono o hasta hacer arte! Hazle click a la imagen de arriba para ver el video. La próxima semana te enseñaremos un proyecto mucho mas grande que hicimos usando estas mismas cintas. ¡No te lo pierdas! ¡Gracias por pasar por aquí!



Miss Ideas #19 – Wine Table | Mesa de vinos

Since you liked the mini bar episode we made for Miss Ideas on Yahoo!, this time we are bringing you the Wine Table version! Here you’ll see which type of food pairs well with the wines. Your taste buds will have a party! Click on the image below to view the video. Thanks!Miss_Ideas_Wine_Table_Zania_titlecard

Como les gustó el episodio del mini bar en Miss Ideas de Yahoo!, pues aquí les presentamos Cómo armar una mesa de vinos para hacer una degustación. El sabor de la comida junto a estos vinos es tan rica que tus papilas gustativas estarán bailando de la alegría. Hazle click a la imagen de arriba para ver el video. ¡Gracias!



Miss Ideas #18 – Elegant Braid | Trenza elegante


And here we have the last braid of the braids series for this season on Miss Ideas on Yahoo  We label it as an elegant braid but like every other braid we’ve done, they are very versatile. Use it at night or during the day, for work, brunch or a date. I’ll admit my arms were hurting at the end of this braid but it was definitely worth it. Plus, I was so proud that I had done it! To view the video, click on the image below. Hope you like it! If you try it at home, please let me know how it goes! You can upload your braid pics to my Facebook page HERE. To see the other braids we’ve done, click HERE. Thanks for watching!Miss_Ideas_elegant_braid_zania_titlecard

Aquí vamos con la última trenza en la serie de trenzas de la segunda temporada de Miss Ideas en Yahoo. La categorizamos como una trenza elegante, pero al igual que todas la otras, es muy versatil.  Usala de noche o de día, para el trabajo o un paseo por la ciudad.  Admito que me dolían los brazos al terminar el peinado pero tu misma te sentirás orgullosa e impresionaras a todos. Si intentas hacerte la trenza, ¡cuéntame como te quedó! Puedes poner la foto en mi página de Facebook AQUI. ¡Espero que la disfrutes! Para ver las otras trenzas haz click AQUI. ¡Gracias por ver los videos! 

Signature_Zania Miss_Ideas_Header

Miss Ideas #17 – Office Braid Bun| Trenza para la oficina

Let’s face it, sometimes our hair just doesn’t cooperate. This sophisticated braid bun shown on this episode of Miss Ideas on Yahoo  is an easy fix for the bad hair day blues. Just twist, snap and go! It’s great for rainy days too! Click on the image below to view the video. Thanks for watching!Miss_Ideas_Office_Braid_Bun_Titlecard

Desafortunadamente nuestro cabello no coopera con nosotras en todo momento. Por eso hay peinados como la trenza que puedes ver en éste video de Miss Ideas en Yahoo que resuelven ese mismo problemita. Con tan solo enroscar y sostener tu cabello estarás lista para tu día. Es buenísimo para los días de lluvia también. ¡Espero que disfrutes el video y gracias por verlo!

Signature_Zania Miss_Ideas_Header